Nothing in today’s chain of events surprised me…

June 22, 2007 | Drew Forrester

It’s not that I have “writer’s block” tonight…I don’t.

But I’m just not that inspired to blog about all the things that have happened in O’s-land today.  Because none of it – NONE OF IT – surprises me.

First off, the team won today in San Diego, 6-3.  Doesn’t surprise me.  They’re bound to win 2 out of every 5 from here on in, I suppose.

Joe Girardi turned the O’s down?  Again, I’m not surprised.  I keep going back to this question:  “Why on earth would Joe Girardi actually WANT to manage the Orioles?”.  I never discovered a worthy answer, and thus I always half-expected he’d tell the Birds, “thanks, but no thanks.”  The ONLY way they might have been able to secure his services would have been with some kind of “can’t turn down this kind of money” type of a deal and we all know that’s not in the cards when you’re talking about Peter G.

The O’s don’t have a “REAL” manager yet and Andy MacPhail said on today’s conference call that he doesn’t plan on interviewing anyone else until at least next Tuesday.  I’m not surprised at all.  It’s not easy finding someone to come here and manage.  MacPhail admitted on the call that he contacted Dusty Baker about the job.  Dusty said “no thanks”.  I have to assume – and only assume – that Andy also called ex-Twins Manager Tom Kelly just to see if he was tired of being retired and playing golf every day.  I assume Tom said, “where are you now, Andy?  Baltimore?  On vacation?  Oh, WITH the team as their head of baseball operations?  Uh, nah, I think I’ll just stay in Florida and play golf and go to the dog track with my wife.  Thanks anyway.”

I’m not really surprised MacPhail isn’t going to get back “on the job” until next Tuesday.  After all, what’s the rush?  If they drop three straight in Arizona, what’s the big deal?  The only thing left to fight for this year is a battle for 4th with Tampa Bay.  Hell, they’ve been winning that fight the last 9 years WITHOUT MacPhail…they can certainly do it WITH him.  So I agree with what MacPhail said on today’s conference call – “this is a situation that calls for me to be methodical and make sure I’m getting the right guy for the job.”

Miguel Tejada extended his consecutive games played streak today* by bunting in his first at bat* and then taking himself out of the game*…that certainly doesn’t surprise me.  Not in the least.  Every other game when Tejada half-strolls down to first base on a sharp grounder to second, I say to myself, “Yeah, Miggy…don’t sprint down that first-base line, amigo.  You don’t want to tweak your hamstring and miss a game and break that streak.”  I’ve been saying for a long time that Tejada’s streak is a BIG deal to him and today that was graphically apparent with his bush-league move to start the game.  I LOVE Rob Long’s take on the whole thing, by the way.  He has the line of the day…in his blog earlier today at, Rob wrote: “to call Tejada’s move bush-league would be an insult to bush-leaguers.”  HA!  Give that man a contract!!!

I’m not surprised that Dave Trembley folded like a cheap suit in San Diego when he was pressed to make a decision about Tejada’s playing status today.  Trembley WANTS the job.  The last thing he needs is a mutiny from the Latin contingent three games into what most likely will be a 2-week managerial career with the O’s.

And lastly, I’m not surprised that Andy MacPhail all but called Tejada’s move bush-league during today’s conference call.  Someone asked him about the issue of playing in the game – getting an at-bat – and then sitting out in an obvious quest to extend the streak, to which MacPhail replied, “well, I think if a player isn’t capable of playing in the game, he shouldn’t be playing at all.”  I’m not surprised MacPhail thinks that way.  Four days into his tenure, he strikes me as a guy of integrity.  And those comments he made about Tejada support my belief.

Erik Bedard was injured today.  He suffered a hamstring strain and was removed after 79 pitches.  They’ll know more tomorrow, of course, but hamstrings are tricky injuries.  Hopefully, Bedard’s isn’t as serious as Jay Payton’s was in the spring when he missed six weeks.  Oh, yeah, I’m not surprised that Bedard got hurt.

Nothing surprised me today.

“It’s The Oriole Way”, remember?