Now That Was A Roadtrip

May 08, 2012 | Tom Federline

From the blown foul/fair ball call by Bob Davidson last Monday evening in the Bronx to Chris Davis being the winning pitcher at Fenway Paaaaaaark, I was glued to the O’s. It has been awhile since I have made it an effort to make sure I caught at least some of the games by radio or tube. It was more than an effort, it was modifying schedules, like I did back in ’96/’97, ’79-’83, ’69-’73. I had to watch the games. I had to watch the highlights. I had to hear Fred Manfra and Joe Angel make the calls. And the O’s won. They pitched. They hit. They pitched again. They won again. They never gave up. I remember those days. Are they back? Who cares? Baltimore just had seven days of Oriole magic.

The O’s took 2 of 3 from the Yankees. And it may have been a sweep. Hard to make that presumption at this point because of a blown call early in the first game of the series. I can say one thing though, that blown fair ball call, which was clearly foul, gave steroid boy Teixeira a hit, kept the inning going, with a home run that followed and a score of  Yankees 2- O’s 1. That’s how the game ended. A blown call by Bob Davidson (not the car salesman), whom is a challenged/past his prime umpire that should be dismissed. It’s not the first time this guy has “blown” a call, not “missed” a call – but “blown” a call. Ask A Marlins fan about Bob Davidson. Accountability – a lost word, a forgotten policy, shunned integrity in this day and age – all wrong.

The play in question was a ball hit down the first base line with a great camera angle. I had the pleasure of being in Buffalo, NY and listening to Ken Singleton make the call for his beloved Yankees. Ken Singleton announcing for the New York Spankmees – add that to the list of things that are  just “All Wrong”. Singletons commentary – “It must have caught the corner of the bag. That’s a real tough call for an umpire. The Yankees need a few calls to go their way.” Davidson was watching it happen 15 feet in front of him, while he was standing on the line. Worst part about it, no other umpires were consulted. Fire them all. Ok, suspend the other 3 without pay. Accountability.

Then there was Wednesday evening, Jake Arietta mowing down the Spankmees and beating that Ivan “over-rated” Nova guy 5-0. Orioles shutting them down! During this last game, Yankee fans and stadium personnel reclaimed themselves as one of  the Major Leagues top classless acts out there. Did you see the peanuts and beer being thrown over the top of the dugout as the Orioles would circle the bases and head back into the dugout? This coming from supposedly full season ticket holders with seats that are well over $300/ticket/game. Another example of how money can’t buy you everything. The worst part about this one, it happened all game without recourse from Yankee security or ushers. Boston fans play the “obnoxious/arrogant” role. Yankee fans still just don’t get it.

Onto Beantown. A 13 inning win Friday, unfortunately not breaking that “winning” streak against the O’s by Jon Lester, but still a win. Friday night after a tough week at work, I was glued to the game as if it were a playoff game in October. Then on Saturday simply whooping up on the Blowsox. Annnnnd thennn…….. there was Sunday….. an Oriole Classic. There was the win on the final day of the season last year keeping the Blowsox out of the playoffs and thennnn there was Sunday. The cool thing about this one is, that all Oriole fans have a story of where they were, what they were doing and how they reacted to the marathon. On their turf, a 3-game sweep, 39 innings played, our first baseman/DH shuts them down in the last 2 innings. You kiddin’ me? O’s come home with a 5 -1 roadtrip and the baseball world is talking.

It may all come tumbling down. It may not last. Who cares? It’s May 8th, the Orioles are tied for first place in the toughest division in baseball. It has been a different spring in B-town. Their defense is questionable (except for Jones to Hardy to Weiters – anyone who tries will be out at home). Their hitting is sporadic, but recently timely. Their pitching (except for last night and one other inning this year), darn near lights out. Buck-Buck has them playing and Buck-Buck be managing. They are under the radar. They are becoming a confident team. It sure would be nice to be singing and listenin’ on the radio to –  “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” – (McFadden and Whitehead), come September/October. I know one other thing, it sure was a fun first week of May. Go O’s.