O’Canada – Loewen leaves O’s

October 24, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Boy, talk about a slap in the face.

A guy being written a free check from the O’s doesn’t even want it.

Adam Loewen, trying to come back as a 1st baseman after calling it quits as a pitcher due to elbow injuries, told the O’s today he’s going to give it a whirl with his favorite boyhood team, the Toronto Blue Jays, and signed a minor league deal with Cito Gaston’s club.

Such loyalty, huh?

The O’s gave that kid $4 million to sign and he contributed about as much as Ernie Tyler has over the last four years.  Actually, Tyler probably contributed more, truth be known.

And now, when the Birds wanted to be nice to the kid and write him a free check for whatever-it-might-have-been ($300k?), Loewen gave them the high hard one and said, “nah, I’ll sign with Toronto instead”.

That would be like Journey going on a farewell tour and saying to Steve Perry, “look, we’ll play the music digitally…all you have to do is go on stage and lip the words and we’ll give you $2 million for 20 tour dates. We know your throat and voice are strained…you don’t have to sing, just show up and look the part.”

And Perry saying, “nah, I think I’ll do some fraternity homecoming dances with The Cutting Crew instead.”

Good riddance to Loewen, but what a disrespectful end to his flamed-out Orioles career this move was today.