One month later, Orioles still can’t get the student ticket issue sorted out…

June 06, 2012 | Drew Forrester

This is getting more funny by the day.

I’ve left the Orioles alone for three weeks after doing my best to try and help their fans (aka “listeners”) sift through the rubble of this “Student Ticket” fiasco.

In the event you’re new to the scene and you need a refresher course, HERE is the original blog I wrote that detailed the events of a poorly run Orioles ticket promotion that’s designed to reward students with a six dollar ticket for Friday night home games, but instead wound up angering fans who showed up at the ballpark and were told the tickets were “no longer available” for six dollars.

A bunch of Apologists tried to defend the Orioles three weeks ago while I was busy endeavoring to get them to do the simplest of all things: Tell their fans the truth about the program.  I reached out to the team but never got a REAL answer that I could rely on.  Several of those Apologists say they reached out to the team and were told the facts — but, naturally, we’ve come to find out that the club wasn’t truthful with those people, either.

Last night during the MASN broadcast of the Orioles and Red Sox from Boston, a promotional ad popped up on the screen concerning “Student Discount Ticket Night”.

At the bottom, the ad noted:  “Student tickets available until they sell out”

Until. They. Sell. Out.

So…when is that?  Are you selling 500 tickets?  1,000 tickets?  3,000 tickets?

How many?

Oh, that’s right, the Orioles won’t tell anyone.

Oddly enough, though, when they’re giving away bobbleheads or t-shirts or hats, they tell you EXACTLY how many of those items are available.  When they need to convince you that something besides a baseball game is attractive enough to lure you to the stadium, they give you all the details.

Evidently, though, when you’ve made the decision to go to the stadium and you show up in line – meaning “I’m here, I’m going” – the Orioles aren’t quite as willing to be truthful with you.

That’s too bad.

In fact, it’s shameful.

I’m not sure why this “number” is such a state secret.  Why, why, why is it SUCH an issue with the Orioles just telling their customers how many student ticket discount tickets are for sale every Friday?

“Tickets available until they sell out”.


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  1. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    Not too different than, “first come, first served”, and, obviously, juat as ambiguous. But, like it or not, it’s the……”Oriole way”! Of greater importance, to me anyway, is the performance on the field. I’m sure fans were beginning to “give up” on the team because of a recent spate of injuries coupled with their first serious losing streak. However, the good news is that this team does not “give up” and has become one of the more interesting stories of this baseball season! So, management struggles with public relations and marketing notwithstanding, I like what this team is accomplishing on the field……..

  2. eric Says:

    “I still haven’t figured out why this is shrouded in secrecy”. Huh? You just spent a page telling us why it’s shrouded. It’s called bait and switch.

  3. Mike from Carney Says:

    I’ve been told that the three game series is going to break the attendance record. All sold out. or will be…

  4. over40Don Says:

    Drew, at 10:31 a.m. Wed. the girl at the ticket office ( by phone)couldn’t tell me exactly ( she said about 100 ) how many tickets were avaiable but that they would open additional sections if needed. Reccomended buying in advance or getting there early. Couldn’t tell me how many they sold total for promotion. Sounds like a lotta students are gonaa get F’d but I think you and your listeners have already established that. While the gal was right nice to talk to it isn’t quite as rosy a picture as the one guy depicted in the previous post on this subject. Keep up the important good work. Hey, did you try to qualify for the U.S. Open?

  5. Ryan Says:

    Drew – I just called the box office and the lady I spoke said tickets ARE available, and you CAN buy them ahead of time. One person can buy six tickets with a student ID. So if people are really worried about getting shut out at the door, go buy them ahead of time. Thats what I’m doing. Also, I go to just about every student night and have never not gotten them at the $6 price.

  6. O's Man Says:

    Drew if you tell me what inning it was I can go back on my subscription and get you the picture you’re looking for.

  7. Mark Averone Says:

    I called there today at just after 4pm and was told not to come down on Friday because the seats would all be gone by then. I asked the woman how many tickets had been sold for the students and she said, “I’m only allowed to give you information about a sale. If you have a policy question, I’ll have to direct you to another person.” After being on hold for about 3 minutes a male came on the line and said, “We are advising everyone to buy their tickets tomorrow because they won’t be available at the gate.” I said, “I know that. I’m just wondering how many seats are available for purchase.” His reply: “Sir, are you trying to buy a ticket to the game? If you are, I’ve given you the best method for doing that. Do you have any other questions?” I said, “Don’t you think one of your radio or TV guys should tell the fans that information on the broadcast tonight and tomorrow?” and he said, “I can see you only feel like playing games. Good bye sir.” And he hung up. I don’t think I’ll be taking my 11 year old son and his two Little League friends on Friday. I’m sure the Orioles won’t miss the four of us.

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