Opt Out for Tex? Not here.

December 23, 2008 |

C.C. Sabathia did it with his deal, but will the same happen with Teixeira? If so, the O’s will need to bail out of the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes immediately. Ideally Boras would look for a 3 year “opt out” so that Teixeira could have another big pay day as a 32 year old still in his prime once the 2012 season starts (Tex was born 4/11/80). This would allow him to get 3 years at $20 million or more per season for now, plus he could secure a 5-7 year deal after that. Boras understands when a player’s value is at its highest and rarely will he let an opportunity pass to extend that time frame for multiple paydays. This in part is what makes me think a 7 year deal to the O’s is unlikely at this point.

Although an “opt out” may make sense for Tex, it makes no sense for the O’s. A clause where a player can opt out is not something that benefits the team, it only helps the player. If the player performs well then he opts out, if he underperforms or gets hurt then he does not. For some teams that are on the verge of contention and can win right now this can make some sense. A team like the Yankees can use a player for a few years to win now and always replace them with someone else due to their endless bankroll. The Orioles on the other hand can not.

Very few will argue against the fact that the O’s will not be able to compete for at least three years so it would do little good to pay a player a huge salary for a few years only to watch him leave or bend them over a barrel just about the time when they are about to turn the corner. Unfortunately, his potential desire for this clause may be the sticking point that keeps Tex from Baltimore. 

When the news breaks of where Teixeira has signed, with the O’s or with some one else, take a breath and listen for the details. If an “opt out” clause is part of any deal the Orioles can not afford to be and should not be involved.