Oriole Magic Back at the Yard

April 10, 2009 |

This winter I, like many, had visions of Mark Teixeira bringing the magic back to Camden Yards. Before he sold out and declared himself a life long Yankee fan I thought that he, coupled with the arrival of Wieters, gave the Orioles a chance to reclaim some form of the magic this organization was once known for. I remember the days leading up to the signing when the town thought Teixeira was coming to Baltimore and Oriole magic was buzzing. It was the first time I remember that folks here in Baltimore were paying any attention to the Orioles while the Ravens were competing for a playoff spot. It was great.


Now, as we fast forward to the beginning of the season, Wieters is in the minors and Teixeira was in the stadium but wearing that dreaded Yankee blue and grey uniform. But the magic was still in the yard-and it was all thanks to Teixeira.


Thanks to Teixeira running up to New York and broadcasting the fact that he wore his Yankee hat as a kid to our stadium-the buzz came back to the yard. It may have only been for a couple days, that remains to be seen. But for at least the first three games of the year Baltimore fans cared and they cared passionately.


I love the fact that the fans booed as loud as ever when Teixeira came up to the plate or was near a play in the field. I love this because it shows that even after over a decade of loosing,   Baltimore fans still care. I feel that there is hope in our future as we have some budding stars on our major league team, such as Markakis and Jones, and help in the minors with the likes of Wieters and a youthful stock of talented arms.  It is my goal to be back at the yard next year for opening day and enjoying the passion of Oriole magic-the kind of magic that comes with the hope that lies in those wearing the Black and Orange rather then the hatred and betrayal felt toward one wearing that vaunted Yankee Blue.