Orioles 2011…To me, It’s all about the F-Word

March 31, 2011 | Drew Forrester

It didn’t take me long to decide what the theme of my Back-to-Baseball blog was going to be when I first learned of our assignment this week.

What’s my focus?  My angle?

Honestly, the stuff I talk about the most on a daily basis isn’t worthy of this space today.

The team…should I write about the Orioles and their 2011 season? Nah…I’ve covered it enough and anyone who has listened to the show or read my blog at WNST.net in the last two months knows what I feel about the Orioles chances this season:  If they stay healthy, I think they’re capable of winning 82 games.  No need to write a big piece at WNST.net talking about how and why that might happen.  The proof will be in the pudding come September.  Either the players on the roster are good enough to win half the games or they aren’t.  As Asia once sang…”Only time will tell”.

My status with the front office…should I cover that today? No need to do that:  I can sum it up in one word — Improving (it would appear).  I was notified two weeks ago that for the first time since 2006, the organization has approved me for a season media credential in 2011.  I (along with Glenn) covered spring training in Sarasota for a week in early March and the entire thing went off without any major issues or incidents.  No need to write anything extensive about my relationship with the Orioles. It always comes down to the same issue:  When they treat me the same way they treat the rest of the media members in town, I’m “all in”.  When they mistreat me, we wind up in a battle.  This year, thankfully, they’ve treated me great.  And I appreciate them for that.

Should I opine at length about my thoughts on the role the club plays in the community? I don’t need to do that, either.  I’ve written and talked that until I’m – ahem – “orange in the face”. To steal a line from Hal Steinbrenner, the Orioles have a “sacred obligation” to the fans to put a winning product on the field and to restore the integrity of the franchise so that more people can enjoy it and, at the same time, significantly impact the economic climate in Baltimore and Maryland. That’s that. Nothing left to say, really.  Put more people in the stands, generate more revenue for the local community (you know, those who pay the freight and the million dollar player salaries) and everyone goes home happy.

So…what am I going to write about today?  What will serve as my opening day baseball entry?

I knew the topic as soon as I saw the assignment.

It all comes down to one word.

It’s synonymous with baseball.  More than any other sport, in fact.

One word.

The “F-Word”, in fact, that I hinted at in the headline above.


I talked about this concept about eight weeks ago in late January when it was just a rambling thought on a cold winter morning as I was driving to WNST.net for The Morning Reaction.

I drove down Hart Road, dodged a few deer, sipped my Royal Farms coffee and worked this concept through my head:

“Let’s send a parent and their child to EVERY home game in Baltimore this season.”

I went on the air that January morning and tossed out (continued)