Orioles 2011…To me, It’s all about the F-Word

March 31, 2011 | Drew Forrester

the idea to the masses and received an overwhelming response.  At that point, I assumed the whole thing had some potential.

Most of the people at the radio station think I’m nuts for trying to do this.  And maybe I am.  I’ve had some bad ideas in my life.  We all throw one over the catcher’s head occasionally.

But I believe in the concept:  We can send a parent and child to EVERY home game this season.

Ambitious?  Sure.

A lot of work…e-mails…sweat equity?  Yep.

Worth doing?  Absolutely.

So, it’s with great enthusiasm I officially launch the 2011 program, “Family and Baseball”.

The program is simple.  We’re going to send a parent and child to every home game in Baltimore this season.  Free.  No hidden charges or anything like that.  Parent and child spend a day or night together at the ballpark.

What’s the catch, you ask?

Only one.  And it’s simple.  And fun.  And educational.

The child must provide a written report of his/her experience that will be turned into the English/Literature students at The John Carroll School and be evaluated in a season-long contest that will provide a grand prize to the written experience deemed to be “the best” by the John Carroll students.

The parent/child combination can be any kind.  Dad and son or daughter — or Mom and son or daughter.  As long as it’s a parent and his/her child, we’ll accomodate with two tickets (you only handle your own parking and whatever food you want at the stadium) and the promise of a great outing at the ballpark.

The written report (on paper or via e-mail) must be sent to me at the radio station no later than two weeks after the attended game.

And that’s it.

Any of us who ever went to a baseball game with their mom or dad – or both – remembers so fondly those days at the stadium. I know now, some 40 years or so after I first saw Memorial Stadium with my parents when the Orioles played the Twins, that I could author dozens of “reports” on memories I have centered solely on attending ballgames with mom and dad.

Going to the baseball stadium with your mom or dad is the best thing a kid can ever do.  And, without question, attending a game with your son or daughter is a memory worth preserving for any mother or father.

And I say that with all due respect to football and hockey games, both of which I attended on hundreds of occasions with my parents.

There’s magic at a baseball stadium that just doesn’t exist anywhere else.

So that’s what I am obligating myself to take part in this spring, summer and fall.

I want to help get families back to the baseball stadium.

The win/loss record of the team?  Whatever it will be, it will be.  I’ll talk about it (continued)