Orioles announce 2014 Spring Training schedule

October 16, 2013 | WNST Staff


                The Orioles today announced their 2014 Grapefruit League schedule, which opens Friday, February 28 with a 1:05 p.m. game in Port Charlotte against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Orioles’ home opener will be Saturday, March 1 at 1:05 p.m. against the Toronto Blue Jays. 2014 marks the fifth consecutive spring training for the Orioles in Sarasota, and the fourth in the renovated Ed Smith Stadium.

Baltimore will face eight different opponents during their 15-game home Grapefruit League campaign.  The O’s will host the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays three times each and the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies twice each. The Orioles will square off with the Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays once each at Ed Smith Stadium.

The Orioles will play 15 games on the road during the 2014 Grapefruit League schedule. They will make four trips to play the Rays, Red Sox and Twins, two trips to play the Pirates and Yankees and one trip to play the Blue Jays and Phillies.

Fans interested in season plans or group tickets, or those wishing to receive additional spring training ticket information may call the Orioles spring training office in Sarasota at 941-893-6300.

Single game tickets for all 15 of the Orioles’ Grapefruit League Games at Ed Smith Stadium will go on sale January 25, 2014.



(opponents, locations, dates and game times subject to change)

Day                  Date                             Opponent                                       Location                                  Time

Friday                     February 28                           at Tampa Bay Rays                                      Port Charlotte                                        1:05

Saturday                March 1                                 Toronto Blue Jays                                          Sarasota                                                1:05

Sunday                   March 2                                 at Boston Red Sox                                         Fort Myers                                              1:35

Monday                  March 3                                 Minnesota Twins (ss)                                    Sarasota                                                1:05

Tuesday                  March 4                                 at New York Yankees                                    Tampa                                                    1:05

Wednesday            March 5                                 at Minnesota Twins                                      Fort Myers                                              1:05

Thursday                March 6                                 Tampa Bay Rays                                           Sarasota                                                1:05

Friday                     March 7                                 Philadelphia Phillies                                    Sarasota                                                1:05

Saturday                March 8                                 at Boston Red Sox (ss)                                  Ft. Myers                                                 1:05

                                                  Boston Red Sox (ss)                                      Sarasota                                                7:05

Sunday                   March 9                                 Pittsburgh Pirates (ss)                                  Sarasota                                                1:05

Monday                  March 10                               at Pittsburgh Pirates                                    Bradenton                                              1:05

Tuesday                  March 11                               Boston Red Sox (ss)                                      Sarasota                                                1:05

Wednesday            March 12                               Philadelphia Phillies                                    Sarasota                                                1:05

Thursday                March 13                               at New York Yankees (ss)                             Tampa                                                    1:05

Friday                     March 14                               at Minnesota Twins (ss)                               Fort Myers                                              1:05

Saturday                March 15                               New York Yankees (ss)                                 Sarasota                                                1:05

Sunday                   March 16                               at Toronto Blue Jays                                      Dunedin                                                 1:05

Monday                  March 17                               at Philadelphia Phillies (ss)                         Clearwater                                             1:05

                                                  Minnesota Twins (ss)                                    Sarasota                                                7:05

Tuesday                  March 18                               OFF DAY                                                        

Wednesday            March 19                               Tampa Bay Rays                                           Sarasota                                                1:05

Thursday                March 20                               at Pittsburgh Pirates                                    Bradenton                                              1:05

Friday                     March 21                               Atlanta Braves (ss)                                        Sarasota                                                1:05

Saturday                March 22                               at Tampa Bay Rays                                      Port Charlotte                                        1:05

Sunday                   March 23                               Pittsburgh Pirates                                         Sarasota                                                1:05

Monday                  March 24                               Boston Red Sox                                             Sarasota                                                1:05

Tuesday                  March 25                               at Minnesota Twins                                      Ft. Myers                                                 1:05

Wednesday            March 26                               at Tampa Bay Rays (ss)                               Sarasota                                                1:05

                                                  at Boston Red Sox (ss)                                  Fort Myers                                              7:10

Thursday                March 27                               Tampa Bay Rays                                           Sarasota                                                7:05