Orioles are a lock to win the A.L. East — but what about catching Oakland and Detroit?

August 08, 2014 | Drew Forrester

I feel like a broken record, but I’ll just keep saying it.

The Orioles are going to breeze to the American League East title.

In fact, I’m starting to lean in the direction of the Orioles finishing with the best record in the American League.  Period.

I’ll hold off on that for a week or two, but it’s looking more and more like our orange-feathered-friends might bypass both Oakland and Detroit by the end of September.

Don’t look now, but these Birds have turned the traditional 9-inning baseball game into a 7-inning affair with Andrew Miller, Darren O’Day and Zach Britton playing lockdown once the O’s post a lead after six innings.

They’re not quite as powerful and stupendous as the rock trio “RUSH”, but Miller, O’Day and Britton aren’t that far behind Lee-Lifeson-Peart in terms of their excellence.

Yes, I’m fully aware the offense has been pretty dismal since the All-Star break.  I watch the games.  Other than a brief 48-hour surge earlier this week when the combined for 16 runs in two games vs. Washington and Toronto, the bats have been very concerning over the last three weeks.  That said, they’ve also done just enough to win, which is essentially all that matters when you’re trying to win a division and get to the post-season dance.

It’s been about a month now since I proclaimed the Orioles A.L. East winners.  I could feel it back then and I’m even more sure of it now.  I’m starting to think the A’s and Tigers might be within their sights, too.   I know, believe me I know, it probably even “looks” crazy to see that — “the Orioles are going to finish with the best record in the American League” — but I’d be willing to lay down a dollar or two on it.

What can I say?  I’ve got playoff fever.  You say and do crazy stuff when you have a temperature.