Orioles are Making a Move

December 07, 2010 | Tom Federline

The purple and black team went out and made a move for offensive talent – they just don’t know how to use it. The orange and black team is on the move to acquire offensive talent and I’ll throw ten bucks down, that the guy running that show, (Mr. Sho-walter), does know how to use it. Heck, the manager for the orange and black went and cleaned house on the coaching staff. Something the “general” manager for the purple and black should consider. Horribaugh reminds me of Trembley, pacifies the media, but has no business portraying a head coach for a professional sports franchise. Enough negative. Let’s go with positive.

The Orioles – have a new coaching staff – YEAH! A new third baseman – YEAH! I do not know much about this Mark Reynolds cat from Arizona, but we really had no one to fill that position – Josh Bell can go wear his nylon arm stockings somewhere else. Supposedly Reynolds has power and apparently that, “leave it all on the field”, mentality that Showalter professes. Is Reynolds a “gold nugget”? Time will tell. If he can protect Markakis – he’s worth his weight in gold. Ty Wiggington has gone to the Rockies – not happy about that one. I was a Wiggy fan. Should he have been the Orioles representative for the all-star game last year? Absolutely not. Did he carry the Birds the first half of last year? Absolutely. I thought he was a Showalter favorite and would be slated as the first baseman this coming year. Something appears in the works for another offensive acquisition at first.

New coaching staff – Hallelujah. Sentimental “see ya later” to Crow – but he was done. I liked the bench coach, Datz. I actually saw him “coaching” players. I liked Allenson at third – “send ’em ’til they throw us out” – and it worked. You have to go with Showalter though – clean house – there’s a new sheriff in town – he has Earl Weaver tendencies. He is bringing in his own crew and most of them have a decent track record. The pitching coach, Mark Connor, has a winning history with Showalter back in Texas. There is a Yankee in the house though, Willie Randolph – not to sure about that one. They have him as “bench’ coach. Still do not understand the need for a “bench’ coach. Why isn’t Randolph coaching the base paths? The new batting coach will be under scrutiny – but he also has a history with Showalter in Arizona and did a nice job while with the Marlins. Main question – Where is the Demper?

More Hot Stove – Gold Glove Recipients – notice use “recipient” vs. “deserving winner”. Nick Markakis spurned again. Just do not understand it – the best right fielder in baseball and does not get the recognition. This award is voted on by coaches and managers – are they blind, are they to lazy to fill out the ballot correctly? Should it be the “Most Recognizable Name at that Position Award? Once again, MLB throwing out all credibility of the award, as evidence by handing Derek Jeter the “glove”. Stats under certain circumstances serve no purpose. When I see Jeter committing 3 errors in one game and not once being charged with any of the miscues, I say fix. What happened with “if you can touch it – you can field it?” The best results from voting on the Gold Glove award – more evidence that “The Fix is On.”

The Orioles are making moves and the Ravens offense wish they knew how to. Still on the O’s wish list has to be a first baseman, a veteran starter, and a couple more for the bullpen. At least the O’s upper management have eyes wide open. As opposed to the three headed bewildered crew of Horribaugh, Cameron and Zorn. Who appear to be experiencing  “Far Way Eyes” – (Rolling Stones).  Come on Ravens, you keep telling us …there is still “time to turn it around”? Let the boys play!

A don’t miss on the tube tonight – Jim Valvano’s “Never Give Up” speech on ESPN. It is usually scheduled to be aired in between basketball games of the Jimmy V Tournament, around 9:00pm. Mark it and make it annual must see event.