Orioles Embarrass Baltimore Once Again

May 11, 2009 |

The Orioles appear to have already given up this season.  Thus far the team has been a complete embarrassment.


Let’s first address the base running.  Even little league players are taught how to not slide over the bag, Adam Jones you should be ashamed of yourself.  How can you be playing for a MLB franchise (if you can still call the Orioles that) and not know the pitch count?


Melvin Mora continues to daydream while on the base paths as he was once again picked off.  He helped end what looked like a very promising inning early with his idiocy.  He has always been a poor base runner and his lack of concentration continues to surprise.  All of the apologists cannot use the excuse that he is young because he is in his late 30’s for crying out loud.


I want to state again for the record Dave Trembley this is not the NL stop all of this hit-and-run nonsense we have capable hitters in the top part of the lineup.  We also have players adept enough to steal a base straight up.  Stop putting our team in difficult spots when it is not necessary.


Trembley continues to mismanage the bullpen and it is costing us dearly.  If our team had not been so inept at selecting managers over the last decade I would probably be clamoring for his ouster but as it is we need some sort of stability going forward.  


The worst problem has been the defense.  Thought to be one of the strengths of an admittedly bad team it has by far been the worst facet of the 2009 Orioles.  Many of our defensive “stars” have not played up to their potential including the all glove no bat shortstop Izturis and the normally sure handed Nick Markakis.


A lack of hustle on defense caused the loss yesterday.  I believe that the blame can be squarely placed on the shoulders of Brian Roberts.  If Roberts had not treated Cervelli’s infield grounder as a sure out the seventh inning would have been over and the Yankees wouldn’t have scored.  Robert’s lack of hustle proved to be the downfall.  He wasn’t the only player not hustling Markakis took his sweet time getting to the double hit by Cano in the second.


I also think Damon is back on the juice just like he was during his time in Boston.  Damon was a singles hitter and a speed guy when he came up with the Royals and now all of the sudden in the twilight of his career he has nine homers in only the first fifth of the season.  Good to see that MLB is taking the Yankees and Sox to task on the substance abuse policy just like all of the other clubs (sarcasm for those of you who may be like Dr. Sheldon Cooper and not understand).


I was completely embarrassed on Sunday at the game.  The droves of Yankees fans once again invaded Camden Yards and once again Dave Trembley put out his weak Sunday lineup so they could roll over and die.  It is like beating a dead horse with the ushers over there but they treat the Yankees fans like gold and it is sickening.  Having to year Derek Jeter chants and crap gets old after a while.


I know Ty Wigginton had to go into the game because Luke Scott was injured but he should never face right-handed pitching.  Wigginton was brought in here with the sole purpose of hitting lefties.  He is simply overmatched by righties and he is a liability in the field.



How can Jamie Walker look himself in the mirror everyday?  He is a lefty specialist who can’t get out lefties.  What purpose does he really serve other than to serve up homeruns to the opposition?


Uehara’s good start was ruined by the other players on the team and for that I am also ashamed.  I really hope the Orioles can get their act together soon because even over the boos Mark Teixeira has been able to break out against us. 


If Luke Scott is forced to the DL then I really hope the O’s do the right thing and call up Reimold. 


Thanks for ruining a perfect day for baseball Orioles!  Let’s go get Tampa.