Orioles Hangout: Duchscherer was “excellent signing” (must read stuff…)

May 20, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Sometimes you stumble upon a gem when you’re perusing the local web-sites.

I made one of those discoveries today.

At Orioles Hangout – where *supposedly* all of the smartest fans of the team gather to talk baseball – someone started a thread a few days ago when Justin Duchscherer was scratched from an extended spring training start.

Plenty of folks opined about the move.  Some of them were critical and many others – I assume most of those others are from Pluto – somehow tried to convince folks that the Duchscherer signing isn’t as bad as it once appeared it might have been.

To wit, here’s someone named “Drungo Hazewood” who actually posted a comment in which he/she labeled the signing “excellent”.


Here it is:

It was an excellent signing. Every free agent signing has risk attached, this one is no different. $700k is a tiny sum of money for a free agent acquisition. It’s less than they paid for Jeremy Accardo. It’s about 1/10th of what they paid for Danys Baez, or Jamie Walker, or Jay Payton. It’s 1/15th of one year’s salary for Nick Markakis. It’s almost nothing.

Literally, if Duscherer pitches 20 or 30 innings to a 3.50 ERA he’ll have more than made the O’s money back. In free agency $700k typically buys you 1/6th of one win over replacement. For that amount of money almost any non-zero chance of return on investment was worthwhile.

Just so you know for certain that I’m not making that up (and how could I?), here’s the link to the thread.

You’re still laughing, I assume?

Someone who has received $700,000 from the Orioles but hasn’t yet pitched one inning in Baltimore is an “excellent signing”.  And Drungo says, “It was a better signing than Jeremy Accardo.”  Newsflash for Drungo – or is it Drunk-o?…Accardo has actually PITCHED this season.  And, occasionally, he’s even done well.  Duchscherer can’t possibly be a better signing than Accardo.  He hasn’t pitched ONCE yet this season.  Not once.

This, my friends, is why the team stinks year after year…because the fan base – many of whom consider themselves savvy – is satisfied with signings like Justin Duchscherer.  They start using gobble-dee-gook like “wins above replacement” and fractions and 1/6 of this and that and all kinds of other garbage to try and justify what has turned out to be an epic #FAIL by the ballclub in signing a worn out, frazzled, rag-arm pitcher.

Instead of just saying the obvious:  “Yep, that was a horrible signing.  We gave a cat $700,000 who hasn’t thrown one ball that mattered all season.  It was a waste of money, a waste of a signing and a waste of time.”  – We say stuff like, “If he throws 30 innings this year…he’s worth that kind of money.”  30 innings?  30?  Hell, C.C. Sabathia throws that many in four starts against the Orioles.  30 innings.  Lord have mercy.

I pee myself when I see people poo-poo $700,000 like it’s chump change.

This, of course, coming from the franchise that cut Jeremy Guthrie’s salary by $120,000 for no reason (except that they could) before the 2009 campaign.

They’ll fight over $120,000 with Guthrie.

They’ll charge people MORE money to come to the games on the day of the game and call it something unique like “day-of-game surcharge”.

And then they’ll give this guy $700,000 of found money and you have people in town saying stuff like, “If he pitches 20 or 30 innings…”

That’s like me saying, “If I looked like Bradley Cooper I could have any girl in the bar.”

I don’t.

So it’s not happening that way.

And neither is Justin Duchscherer going to “happen that way”.

The Orioles handed him a free $700,000 and said, “Enjoy yourself in Sarasota.”

Amazingly, their fan-base is brainwashed into thinking it’s all good.