Orioles Off Day, And Koji’s Bruised Sternum

April 30, 2009 |

The Orioles have been “off” for the last several days but today they are not playing as they travel to Toronto for a weekend series against the surprisingly tough Blue Jays.  The losing mentality has presumably already sunken in and it isn’t even July yet when the Orioles have traditionally started going downhill.  Tomorrow’s match-up on the actual hill doesn’t look good for the O’s as perhaps our worst starter Mark Hendrickson and his 5.40 ERA takes on Roy “Doc” Halladay a perennial Cy Young candidate who can go the distance on any given night.

Koji Uehara was struck with a line drive in the chest by erstwhile Oriole Gary Matthews Jr. during the loss last night to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  The AP is reporting that x-rays were negative but one has to believe Uehara may not be able to make his next start.  A bruised sternum is a painful injury especially considering Koji’s small frame.  Also, the name LAA of A has to be the one of the worst ideas in the history of professional sports.  Since when did Anaheim become LA, its almost like saying DC and Baltimore are the same place which as a Baltimoreans we know is a ridiculous notion.


With the injury to Uehara the next question becomes who do the Orioles call up if he has to spend some time on the disabled list?  Rich Hill pitched well in his last start at AAA Norfolk but he was on a limited pitch count as he continues to rehab his spring injury.  I think it would be a mistake to call up Tillman or Matusz because they do not have enough “seasoning” although barring injury or ineffectiveness both should see a September call-up.  I would recommend David Hernandez to receive a shot in the rotation for the time being, he is still a young guy who has been around for a while without garnering a legitimate chance to compete.  I would personally rather see him on the mound over some retread, or as some internet discussions have suggested signing a washed-up Pedro Martinez.