Orioles sign Nelson Cruz and somehow WNST is to blame?

February 24, 2014 | Drew Forrester

So, I received this gem late Saturday afternoon, a few hours after news came out that our Orioles signed DH Nelson Cruz.


I hope you and the rest of the malcontents at 1570 are happy now, the Orioles finally spent that money you’ve been crying about for years.  I can’t wait until they wind up around 500 again and you have egg on your face when these new guys don’t do anything.  All you’ve done is cry about how they don’t spend any money and then once they do you’ll be crying when the team suffers because of it.  I sit back and laugh every morning when I hear you preach to the morons in town who really think the station is smart about baseball.

Congratulations on beating that dead horse so much that the Orioles finally did something to shut you up.

Mike (redacted)


Well, for the record, I’m not overly enthused about the Nelson Cruz signing.  He’s a power hitter, yes, but his “other numers” aren’t all that impressive.  His on-base percentage (roughly .325) isn’t that good, he doesn’t walk enough, he strikes out too much (which, frankly, most power hitters do) and for a guy with power, he’s never collected more than 90 RBI in a season.  I do think he’ll prosper within the cozy confines of Camden Yards, but he’s also coming from one of the most hitter-friendly parks in America (Texas).

I understand they only gave him $8 million, which is very-much a typical Orioles move, but that just goes to show you how excited the rest of the league is about signing a fairly-limited offensive player who sat out 50 games last season after being busted in the Biogenesis scandal.

I don’t like the idea of funding these PED users around baseball and for that reason more than anything, I’m not a fan of bringing Cruz to town.  That said, I also understand if you want to play ball with the big boys in Boston or New York, you have to get some dirt under your fingernails, which is what the Orioles did bringing on a questionable character like Nelson Cruz.

I would have preferred Kendrys Morales, but he wasn’t going to sign for $8 million for one year, so the Orioles opted for Cruz.

I’m on board with the Jimenez signing and said – and wrote – as much last week.  I get it, Jimenez probably snaked them for one more year than they were comfortable giving him, but he had the leverage in this case and he used it.

Now, to the topic of of the Orioles spending money and how that somehow relates to WNST.  There’s a risk anytime you fork over big money (not that $48 million for four years and $8 million for one is big money — it isn’t, in baseball) for a baseball player and there’s certainly a chance that Jimenez and/or Cruz wind up misfiring in Baltimore, but you can’t seriously be blaming me or the rest of the station for “forcing” the team to spend money.  That’s sort of what Mike is hinting at, I think.

The team should be spending money to improve their team because that’s why the fans fork over $20 for a ticket and $3.25 a month on their cable bill.

We don’t give the Orioles our money so they can buy beach houses in Dewey Beach.  We give them our money so they’ll employ good baseball players and win games.

I applaud them for spending money, even if all the players they’ve signed aren’t agreeable to me.

I’m just happy, for once, they’ve made themselves accountable in the off-season.

If it works out, I’ll be thrilled.  We haven’t seen a World Series game in Baltimore in 31 years.

If it doesn’t work out, at least we can say they went down trying.

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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    So they finally had to spend some money, too bad !!! What about all the years that they didn’t, trying to get by with mediocre players that didn’t work out. I think they finally realized that the fans were getting pissed & they had to spend some money. So what Mike talks about, he has no clue about the O’s !!!

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    About time the mulla gets used. I like the move gives fans some hope and if we stay healthy and if everyone has big years and if we find a closer and if we get some breaks its good.PED MLB users do seem to have a let down after they give up the juice screws up the swing I think. Go Os!

  3. The armchair qb Says:

    It bears repeating that when you wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty & the pigs love it! As one who has been critical of the O’s failure to acquire needed talent this off season, I applaud the recent additions as an attempt to improve their ability to compete this year regardless if it works out or not! As you’ve noted, at least they are…..trying!

  4. Chuck Says:

    It should also be noted that if Cruz walks after next year we get a draft pick in return. A draft pick which will be higher than the one we gave up for him. This move is a no-brainer.

  5. lakerboy Says:

    Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumor that when Petey opened his wallet to shell out lefta for Jimenez and Cruz, that moths flew out?

  6. Rich Says:

    The Orioles offseason is patterned after guys who are still at the bar around 2am hoping to drag someone home…

  7. BK Says:

    Jimenez is a pretty good signing, but Cruz as a ballplayer contributing to the team on a day to day basis is not. He is an average to below average washed up player coming off of PED suspension. I doubt he will improve our team any noticeable amount. Morales would have been a different story. However, for the price and draft pick possibility next year, like Chuck said, it was a no-brainer unfortunately.

    Alas, is this what Baltimore baseball has come to though? Getting trampled on for 15 years and now we give them a ‘pass’ and are ‘excited’ because they signed Nelson Cruz at this point in his career? Man our standards have become low. Yes, you can at least say they are ‘trying’, but are they trying to win a championship or trying to just appease the fans so they can continue to rob us of our money? I would rather have the championship try….

  8. tsnamm Says:

    So spending money on your product is a bad thing?? What kind of idiot writes a letter like that? Let me ask “Mike” a question…how many times do the Yankees or Angels or Red Sox, spend money on a player and have it blow up in their face? Answer-Lots…and then they have to spend again to fix the mistake…thats just how professional sports is. Hopefully your scouting is good enough so it doesn’t. If you’re scared of making a poor choice, then you should get out of the game.

  9. ravenmaniac Says:

    They still haven’t addressed the lack of “on base %” guys. Boston and NY consistently take pitchers deep in to counts and we notoriously do not. I thought that was going to be addressed in the offseason. Last year, when they didn’t hit the HR, they lost. No team can win consistently that way.

  10. Chris Says:

    I would rather the team fail while attempting to win than just accept failure and not try. I like both moves. Cruz is a bit of a risk, but at 1 year not too big. I tend to believe there is no such thing as a bad one year contract when it comes to high risk high reward players. If they get Santana (whether it be now or in June when they can sign and teams don’t have to give up draft picks) I will be pumped. Not only will they have good players but they’d also have pitching depth.

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