O’s Adam Jones detained in Canada Friday morning

May 28, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The Thursday night loss, it appears, was only the beginning of Adam Jones’ problems over the last 24 hours.

Jones was one of several Orioles players questioned and/or detained at the Toronto early Friday morning as the team prepared for a 3-game series vs. the Blue Jays this weekend.  It must have gone beyond the typical immigration questioning and such, because at some point around 5:30 am today, he sent a message via his Twitter account that read THIS:

“detained in Canada for false accusations today until 5am and appreciate someone from the team making sure were ok. nooooooootttttt”

Within minutes, Jones removed that Tweet from his account.

Hours later, Jones sent another Tweet:

“wish I could say what I want on here. that would be BRACKIN”

The Orioles released a statement late this afternoon that confirmed Jones and several team/organization members were detained during the routine immigration check at the Toronto airport.

Jones started in center field in Friday night’s game vs. the Blue Jays.