O’s have become GREAT listeners…

August 26, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Note: I realize this is back-to-back blogs and that I owe a $5.00 contribution to the WNST “blog hog” fund, but this latest development with the Orioles just can’t go unnoticed.

The O’s today announced they will honor the Ravens and their 2008 season by making them an integral part of the team’s September 6 home game against the Oakland A’s.

My, my. They might still be in last place, but at least the Orioles are starting to listen better.

Over the last few years, we’ve tried to make them understand the importance of SEVERAL things over at the Warehouse.

One, of course, was the idea that putting BALTIMORE on the road jersey(s) was absolutely a must-do on their end. It took a while, and even an aborted attempt in May of 2007, but it looks like they’ve finally done the right thing and BALTIMORE will once again be part of the team’s away uniform in 2009.

Over time, we’ve been critical of the O’s for their refusal to reconnect with teams from the past. Last year, they ignored the ’66 World Series team. This year, after much prodding (or was it just a coincidence?), the O’s honored the ’79 team that LOST the World Series and brought the great ’83 World Series winner back to Baltimore for a meet and greet with the fans. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Honoring the great heritage of yesteryear should be something they do every season at OPACY.

Speaking of honoring the city’s sports heritage, that’s another thing we’ve been pestering the O’s about over the last couple of years. Stop fighting with the Ravens and start embracing them. No sense in battling with them. “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.” We’ve urged the Orioles to stop the Ravens-hate and join in on the love-fest that is NFL football in Baltimore.

And, now, about two hours ago, in fact, the O’s announced they’re going to celebrate the Ravens 2008 campaign by having President Dick Cass throw out the first pitch and giving away 15,000 purple t-shirts on September 6.

Good stuff.

In fact, it’s VERY good stuff.

Now, I realize some of the skeptics out there will note that the Orioles didn’t fully embrace the Ravens until the Ravens became business partners with them (through MASN).

I, on the other hand, would just like to applaud the Orioles for their willingness to listen (and read, perhaps) better.

Greg Bader even issued a statement today, prattling on about how Baltimore gets to “celebrate” their two favorite sports franchises and all that good stuff.

Nice job, Greg.

You’re learning, kiddo.

We’ll keep giving you the ideas and you keep acting on them.

Like Churchill said, “we can achieve anything as long as we don’t care who gets the credit…”

Hats off to the O’s!