O’s Lucky To Get The Win In Spite Of Poor Base Running

May 12, 2009 |

The Orioles won tonight despite their best efforts.  First off when a team starts Mark Hendrickson it is basically like forfeiting.  The Orioles also continued their abysmal base running which almost cost them a chance to win the game.


The Orioles received some good news in the form of Luke Scott not having to go on the DL as well as the fact that Pie may have a serious stomach problem.  All kidding aside I never want to see anyone get hurt or sick but the Pie experiment is over.


His diving attempt tonight just wasn’t good enough.  He got a poor jump on a ball that should have been caught but instead went for a double.  I assume that is the play that Pie was injured on but Amber Theoharis reported that it was an ailment which leads one to believe it may be a sickness and not an injury?  Either way Pie is a clown, his play is downright comical in every aspect.


Regardless, it is Nolan Reimold’s time as he hit another homerun and two doubles tonight for the Tides and he deserves a call-up.  I could see him manning leftfield for a long time in an O’s uniform.


Ty Wigginton was forced to sub for the injured Pie in left and he looked pretty bad.  This only furthered the argument for recalling Reimold instead of Oscar Salazar.  Wigginton came into the game batting only .182 against righties this year but did manage to hit a double off of Howell in the sixth.


What saved the Orioles tonight was the fact that Andy Sonnanstine’s performance was as bad, or worse than, Hendrickson’s this evening.  The Orioles should have had a much larger lead but the poor base running cost them an even bigger inning than they mustered in the second.


I often wonder if Juan Samuel even knows the Oriole’s stop sign because he consistently gets runners gunned out at the plate.  Samuel sent Montanez in the second with no outs and he was thrown out by a mile.  Montanez had no chance to score on the play and it makes one wonder what Samuel was thinking down by four runs.


I also questioned Samuel when he sent Huff home in the third.  The play was far too close as Samuel once again chanced it but this time with a key contributor.  What if Huff had pulled something trying to stretch the play, what then?  Oscar Salazar as the starting first baseman that’s what, no opposing team is going to be concerned with that turn of events.  Samuel needs to go.  He coaches third base in the same fashion Melvin Mora runs the bases which is half-assed and haphazardly while not paying attention to the game situation.


Caesar Izturis also had a base running blunder this evening when he was thrown out at second base on a Brian Robert’s bloop single in the second.  Any little leaguer knows to go halfway on a hit like that so if it drops in they can advance, or if it is played they can avoid being doubled off.  He could have at least slid or made an effort to get there before the ball. 


Izturis’ head was clearly not in the game tonight because he also goofed up an easy double play chance.  Luckily for him the double play cannot be assumed so he didn’t add to his escalating error total.  Izturis is known for his glove work but has yet to deliver.  Although he is better than last year’s collection of stiffs at the position I am beginning to not like his signing.


Adam Jones was the hero of tonight’s game with two homeruns.  However not even he was immune to the bad news bears theme which has been plaguing the Orioles recently.  Jones dropped a can-o-corn in centerfield because he was displaying how not to catch a ball for all the kids present in the Yard on Aubrey Huff t-shirt night.  Using two hands Mr. Jones will help you avoid embarrassment and age is not an excuse.


Jones does appear to be more worried about blowing bubbles in the outfield just prior to attempting to make catches than he is about making a sure handed grabs.  All that being said I believe that he is well on his way to an All-Star appearance this year.  My only hope is that the Orioles send more than one representative so that Markakis doesn’t get snubbed.  Poorly performing teams don’t often get to send more than their mandatorily allotted single representative to the game.


I am glad the Orioles won tonight but the lackadaisical play must be put to an end.  Dave Trembley you are a AAA manager so please teach the team some base running fundamentals because they are severely lacking.  Maybe the punishment for boneheaded plays and errors should be increased to discourage the wave of woes that have befallen the Orioles as of late.


I for one can’t wait until Rich Hill returns so we don’t have to endure any more starts from Hendrickson.   Sherrill still scares me every time he comes into a game.


On a positive note if the O’s can win tomorrow then they will no longer be in the AL East basement.  Let’s try and look on the bright side Wieters may be called-up soon.