O’s managerial search: “Valentine did most of the interviewing”

June 15, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The quotes from Bobby Valentine were interesting.

In the wake of last Friday’s interview with Andy MacPhail and Peter Angelos, Valentine has commented to a variety of national sports media entities, including ESPN Radio and ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

Some thoughts were obvious:  “I’m not so sure Andy and I would get along very well.”

Others were more cryptic in nature:  “The reward (for managing) comes in the standings and their standings don’t look like they’re going to turn around very quickly.”

Was that a request for some kind of lengthy, guaranteed deal?   Something like 5 years?  Perhaps.

Or was it simply a polite way of saying, “I don’t feel like going head to head with the Yankees and Red Sox”?

A source familiar with the discussions says Valentine did a lot of the talking in the interview with MacPhail and Angelos.

“Valentine did most of the interviewing,” says the source.  “He came armed with a lot of questions and concerns about where the team is at right now and what kind of future the young players have.  He was genuinely interested to hear about the Orioles’ plan and how they were going to go about attacking the Yankees and Red Sox over time.  I don’t think he got a lot of answers for his questions.”

One thing for sure:  if Valentine thought he was going to get a quick answer or offer from the Orioles, he’d better think again.

MacPhail doesn’t do anything fast.  He drives 45 mph on the Interstate.  If he microwaves a meal that takes 8 minutes to heat up, he sets the timer for 16 minutes just to make sure it’s done.

Valentine – if I’m hearing it correctly from people that know – won’t take the Orioles job mainly because he doesn’t want to come here and meet the same fate as Lee Mazzilli.

And it would appear that Valentine is probably not a great fit for the O’s anyway.

This was just an exercise for MacPhail and Angelos, as in:  “Let’s interview a couple of the old stand-by types who would require a $10 million dollar contract and once we’ve eliminated them or they’ve eliminated themselves, we can hire Eric Wedge and get him for half that money.”

Unless Valentine is throwing up the bluff of a lifetime, he’s not coming to Baltimore.

And if he is coming, he’d better learn to pray.