O’s spring training: The 25 who will make it (#15)

March 13, 2010 | Drew Forrester

After going out on a limb with Ty Wigginton (#14) – who is now hitting .329 in spring training – it’s back to the no-brainer collection as I’ve reached #15 in the “25 who will make it” O’s blog series.

This one is going to be short.  Really short.

Chad Moeller is going to be the back-up catcher when the Birds come north in April.

I can’t really say much about him.  He’s not Crash Davis (Bull Durham), per-se, but he’s close.  Davis, if memory serves me right, could actually hit.  That is, when he wasn’t dead tired from hanging around Susan Sarandon all night.  Wait, he actually didn’t make time with her until the end of the movie. Who was her boy toy?  Oh, right, Nuke LaLoosh.  “Million dollar arm, 10 cent head”.  Wasn’t that the line?

I got off track.  Sorry.  Back to Chad Moeller.

He’s a nice enough guy.  He might even make a decent bench coach/manager someday, as most catchers seem to do.  If he hangs around all season as Matt Wieters’ valet, he might start 25 games behind the plate.

Summary: Every team needs a back-up catcher.  Generally, that guy shouldn’t cost the team a lot of money.  And he should be decent defensively. Moeller fits the last two to a tee.  He’s cheap and good with the glove.  End of summary.

Drew’s 2010 projections for Moeller:

* .254 average

* 3 HR

* 15 RBI