O’s Still Bad in Low Def

May 08, 2010 | John West

Nothing has me really interested or annoyed today, and I blame the Orioles for that.

What does “Every” mean?  My dictionary app on my Iphone says, “being one of a group or series taken collectively” or “all possible, the greatest possible degree of.” I tell you this, I know what “every” means and I know MASN doesn’t have the same definition as I have.

I see, hear, and am otherwise completely inundated with MASN advertisements touting that MASN shows “every” one of their games in MASN HD.  When the Orioles are playing at the same time as the Nationals, I get the Nationals game in HD and the Orioles game in NON-HD.  I freakin’ live in Towson, not Washington DC.

I also know they can fix that problem, because each time the Orioles play the Yankees or the Red Sox, those games are in MASN HD.  It is driving me crazy.  I bought a large flat screen 52” beast of a TV that is designed for HD sports.  The HD picture is fantastic.  The non-HD channels are almost unwatchable.  I never expected to be an HD snob, but once you go HD, you can’t live without it.

I also know that being pissed off about the HD picture is transference of my anger about the Orioles.  8-21 is horrible.  Actually, it’s the worst in all of baseball.  I blame the Orioles, the Orioles are owned by Peter Angelos, and Peter Angelos owns MASN, and I’m pissed off at all of it.

By the way, nice game from Bergeson the other night.  I hope we see a lot more of that this year.