O’s today: Enuff of Huff

August 17, 2009 | Drew Forrester

That’s one lollygagger gone. 

Good riddance to Aubrey Huff. 

I know, he wasn’t exactly presented with the ideal circumstances here in Baltimore, joining the club in 2007 and becoming part of one of the worst three-season runs in club history.

As Jay-Z says at the beginning of ‘Hollywood’ — “It ain’t for everybody…”

But Huff’s career has been plagued with one common theme:  Losing.

It’s as if he caught Rocky Mountain Spotted Losing Fever on a camping trip when he was 18 and still hasn’t been able to shake it. 

Off he goes to Detroit now, where the Tigers are desperate for anyone with a track record to help them in the AL Central race over the last 7 weeks. 

Andy MacPhail noted late this afternoon that Huff’s pending free agency at the end of the season played a major role in the club’s decision to deal him.

Huff said “Andy and I are leaving our options open…we talked about it a bit and both agreed to leave the door open and re-visit things in the off-season.”

Re-visit what, exactly?  

Aubrey Huff coming back to Baltimore?

MacPhail better not pull that stunt on us in November.

I thought we were going to “buy the bats” this off-season?

If Huff re-signs here, it’s more like “buy the bums”.

Meanwhile, the Luke Scott-at-first-base experiment begins tonight, as the O’s try to figure out a way to get “The Cycle” (Felix Pie) more playing time in left field while keeping Scott happy as well.  The only problem?  Scott’s not a first baseman, a fact I’m sure will be on full display for a few weeks until he catches a bad hop grounder in the gums and misses six games with sore teeth.  

I’m all for the Huff trade.  I’m thrilled, in fact.  All he was doing was half-trying, which, unfortunately, mostly every other starter has been guilty of from time to time this season.  

That said, I won’t be too thrilled in November if it turns out that Huff is our first base free agent acquisition.  

Don’t put it past them, folks.  Do NOT put it past them. 

Andy said “we’re gonna buy the bats”…he never said which ones.