O’s Today: Hayden Penn gets clobbered by Marlins

March 26, 2009 | Drew Forrester

One of Sean Penn’s best performances ever was as the lead in “I am Sam”.

Hayden Penn put forth a performance in Ft. Lauderdale not quite as worthy.  We’ll call it:  “I am Bad”.

Fighting for a spot in the O’s starting pitching rotation, Penn didn’t do a whole lot to help his cause, giving up 7 earned runs in 2.2 innings — allowing 5 hits and walking 3 as the Marlins built a 6-0 lead before Penn was given the hook by Dave Trembley. George Sherrill wasn’t a lot better.  He came in and gave up three runs and three hits (one run charged to Penn) before yielding to Dennis Sarfate to start the 4th inning.  

Penn’s start puts the O’s in a bad position now.  He’s out of options and either must stick with the club to start the season or be placed on waivers.  There is, of course, a reasonable chance the O’s will somehow detect a mysterious injury over the next seven days in an effort to stash him on the disabled list until such time he either just calls it quits or one of the veteran re-treads they signed in the off-season gets shelled over a 2-week period and they give Penn another chance.

Most likely, in Penn’s case, it might just be that his biggest ailment is otherwise known as:  LOFT:  Lack of (f ——) talent.

In the meantime, the Orioles will continue to sift through the wreckage that is their pitching staff and see who might be a suitable entry into the starting rotation once the games really count on April 6.  There’s a rumor floating around that Rocky Coppinger has the pitching-bug again.  

As it stands now, it’s looking more and more like Hayden Penn’s chances have expired.  Today, the Marlins had more hits off of him in 45 minutes than The Wallflowers accumulated in a decade.

Ultimately, though, what’s the big deal?

After all, as the O’s have preached all winter long:  “We’re not going to win anyway.”