O’s Today: No “Baltimore” on the road jersey last night = Lame

April 18, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Last December when the O’s were set to unveil their new “Baltimore” road jersey, I remember saying on the air and writing at WNST.net something like this:  “Let’s wait until next season comes along to reserve complete judgment on this whole thing — after all, the could do something tricky like go with an alternate away jersey for Friday or Sunday road games just to appease the “Mid Atlantic” crowd who will be so grossly offended by seeing Baltimore on the away jersey in 2009.”

Well, it took all of four road games for the O’s to once again disappoint.

They trotted out on the field last night at Fenway Park and guess what the O’s were sporting?  

Black jerseys alright — but it didn’t say “Baltimore”.  Instead, the famous Middle-Atlantic-friendly “Orioles” script was there.

Here’s a picture of Nick Markakis’ majestic grand slam in the 2nd inning that staked the O’s to a 7-0 before they choked that lead away en route to a 10-8 loss. 

That picture would have looked a lot better with Markakis in a jersey that read “BALTIMORE” on the front.

By the way, is anyone else surprised the club made the Friday away-jersey switch and didn’t tell any of the fans about it beforehand?  Of course not.

Overall, I’m not shocked.  

Just disappointed.

They couldn’t even put BALTIMORE on the away jersey for all 81 games.

I thought they were getting this one right.

After all, it’s not that hard.  Make the change and move forward with it.  I didn’t hear a whole lot of public outcry from folks in the “anti-Baltimore” camp when the new uniforms were revealed last December.  I can’t imagine there was a huge e-mail campaign from folks saying, “you better keep that black Friday alternate jersey that says Orioles for road games”.

No, nothing like that happened.

They just — once again, as is their habit — failed to get it right.