O’s today: Who gets the blame for these mistakes we keep seeing?

June 29, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Another Sunday, another loss.

Another loss, another handful of dumb mistakes. 

Another week of O’s baseball where the bad eventually outweighs the good.

Is this 1999?  Or 2009?  Hard to tell the difference.

We’re into the second “Decade of Despair” now and these minor-league’ish losses just keep building up.  Base running blunders, throwing errors, throwing to the wrong base, holding on to the ball in center field and not even throwing to the wrong base…these are the ways OUR Birds lose in 2009. 

It’s just about time to hold someone directly responsible, isn’t it?

Maybe not.

The apologists will chime in with “Who are you gonna blame, Trembley?  It’s not his fault Huff tried to stretch a single into a double.  You can’t blame him for Wieters throwing the ball away on a steal at 3rd.”

And, of course, those points are somewhat accurate.

I’m not sure what Huff and that piano-on-his-back were trying to accomplish on Sunday in the 8th inning, but I doubt Trembley gave him a friendly “way to give it the college try Huffy” pat on the rear when he slinked into the dugout after that faux pas.  

I can’t imagine Trembley told Wieters to throw that ball away and cost his team a run in the 8th inning, right?

But these mistakes, base-running the most obvious among them, categorically, must come to an end if the team wants to win.

I know, I know:  the motto for ’09 is “we’re not going to win anyway…”  I realize that.  I hate it, but I get it.

But, I’m not buying it.

This team COULD be winning more, SHOULD be winning more and MUST win more if they want ’09 to represent anything other than another season pissed away with 90’ish losses and another reservation in last place. 

You can’t win making mistakes that, frankly, you wouldn’t accept at Bowie.  

And someone has to answer for them.

Who?  Trembley?  Maybe.  He IS the manager, of course.  Ultimately, he’s going to pay for the team’s losing, even though these rag-tag squads they’ve handed him over the last 24 months can’t hardly be expected to do much more than they’ve done. 

These mistakes though…when are they going to stop?

Are they addressed at game’s end?  

It’s hard to single out Huff and Wieters today — Melvin Mora runs into a key out about as often as Dr. Oz appears on Oprah. He’s clearly not being pulled aside or he’s just being insubordinate, right?  

Why do these mistakes happen just about every time the O’s lose?

I’d like to see the Red Sox no hit us once during the upcoming series.  At least we’d get beat honestly that way.

Who gets the blame for this charade? 

Shelby, Samuel?  They’re the base coaches.  I know it’s boring down there, but come on guys…get with the program, eh?

Trembley?  I said it above — at some point, he’s going to pay the price for this crap. 

Ultimately, SOMEONE has to get jabbed for the players making these same mistakes over and over.  

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember the Yankees or Red Sox doing this stuff over the last 10 years.  

Then again, they have better players than we do.

Perhaps that’s why they win so much.