Orioles unprofessionalism costs me two more chinese lunches

September 09, 2009 | Drew Forrester

OK, so I was wrong.

Nestor and Glenn were right.  Personally, I’d rather put Dave Trembley’s underwear on my head than to have Aparicio and Clark get one over on me — but they did.

I said the O’s would sell us the tickets for next Tuesday’s home game against Tampa Bay.

Nestor and Glenn both said, “No, they won’t.”

I was positive they’d sell us the tickets.  After all, isn’t that why they’re selling $1.00 seats in the first place…to get rid of them in bulk?  Of course.

Alas, the O’s informed us late yesterday afternoon they would NOT sell us the tickets.  A few hours later, some stuffed suit with MLB sent a very formal looking e-mail demanding that we stop the ticket selling campaign immediately.

We sold roughly 500 tickets yesterday and had barely moved the action-needle via the WNST web site or any other social media outlet we use on a daily basis.  There’s no doubt at all we would have done at least 1,000 seats to the Tuesday game vs. Tampa Bay, if not more.

The O’s – for the record – had one of their execs tell a WNST Vice President the reason they wouldn’t sell us the tickets was “we (the O’s) have to be fair to everyone”.

That’s funny.  Is it fair to the person who bought a $24.00 ticket to the 9/15/09 game in his/her season ticket package that you’re now peddling them for $1.00?  Is it fair to the person who bought four tickets at full price ($18.00) in June for the 9/15/09 game because his Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe are coming in from Jackson Hole, Wyoming that week and wanted to see a baseball game?  Is it fair to the people who bought upper deck seats in Section 388 for an August game? 

Of course not. 

Changing the ticket price 70 home games into the season – which is PRECISELY what the Orioles did – isn’t fair either.  But they did it.  Two years in a row, by the way.

So, I was wrong and those two at the station were right.  The Asian Kitchen in Owings Mills will benefit from my stupidity next week when I take the two of them out for a chinese lunch. 

And to think they are so afraid to actually have a personal, human conversation with us that the O’s employed the strong arm of an MLB attorney to ship off a legal “cease and desist” letter to us.  Another $140 wasted by the club. 

That’s enough from me on this.  No need to write 1,500 words on it.

The Orioles are unprofessional, a fact I thought MAYBE they’d try and repair by actually being professional this time around.

Not this time.

Not any time, it appears.

And for the record, I reached out to the team’s Director of Communications around 9pm last night and urged him to step in and try to talk some sense into “his people” just for the sake of courtesy to potential ticket buyers.  I didn’t hear back from him. 

Oh well…

It’s football season.

The PROFESSIONAL team in town starts their 2009 campaign this Sunday against Kansas City.

At least we have purple on our plate for the next six months.

And, you’ll notice, all of the seats will be occupied on Sunday when the Chiefs come to town.

You’ll also notice next Tuesday night that 1,000 seats in the upper deck at OPACY will remain unoccupied because the baseball team didn’t want people in them.

Not a low blow, just a fact.