Our Orioles aren’t very good, but let’s not take Baltimore baseball for granted

August 11, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Sometimes I feel like a seesaw when I discuss the Orioles on the air at WNST 1570 or write about them right here on WNST.net.

I say that because I don’t think everything about the Orioles is screwed up. I liked the offseason acquisitions of J.J. Hardy and Mark Reynolds. I feel that Andy MacPhail’s general strategy of not going after free agent pitchers is a good one. Not committing long-term deals to mediocre aging players has been a welcome change under the Andy MacPhail reign.

In one breath (or a few), I can point out those positives; at least they are positives in MY opinion. But in the next breath, I have witnessed firsthand what a losing Orioles organization does to the city of Baltimore. Restaurant and bar owners who make their livings and feed their families based off people caring about the Orioles legitimately struggle throughout the summer months in Charm City.

There isn’t any interest downtown. Gosh, half of the restaurants and bars don’t even put the Orioles game on the biggest television or as the featured game. It’s gotten that bad.

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So no, I don’t think that every single move the Orioles make is wrong. Yes, I think Andy MacPhail has done some very good things in Baltimore.

But I do believe in and agree with the notion that right now, and for the past several years, the Orioles have been a complete embarrassment and disservice to the city of Baltimore.

That’s why I feel like I’m riding a seesaw at times. Sometimes I’m up on a move or game or player, but I’m always down on the entire organization and concept that is the Baltimore Orioles.

However, as bad as the Orioles are, and as much as we all like to get on them and poke fun at the fact that no one cares or watches the games come August and September, we as Baltimore sports fans need to watch ourselves. We cannot get carried away to the point where we start to question whether we want baseball in Baltimore. Simply put, we cannot take Orioles baseball for granted.

Thyrl and Glenn raised an interesting question this afternoon. I’ll let you read it for yourself.

: Would you send the  away for 13 seasons if you were promised they’d return and be as competitive/classy as the ?

Now, I understand that posing this question in no way implies that Thyrl and/or Glenn would send the O’s away for 13 seasons if they could. In fact, they both pretty much agreed that they could never do such a thing.

But just the fact that the question was brought up, aside from it being good radio and a good way to engage WNST listeners and followers, is alarming to me.