Our Orioles aren’t very good, but let’s not take Baltimore baseball for granted

August 11, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

I still get that. We all do. And most importantly, we are still still afforded the opportunity to feel that. In 1990, we didn’t have a chance to feel the excitement of a 3rd and 2 at Memorial Stadium. We just didn’t. And it sucked.

And not having the Orioles would suck just as much. Summers would NEVER be the same. EVER. Life wouldn’t be the same.

If the Orioles packed up and left tomorrow, leaving Baltimore for Charlotte or Vancouver or Memphis, I’d cry. I’d cry a lot. I’d be devastated. Heartbroken.

We all would. Let’s not kid ourselves.

We might not have a good baseball team in Baltimore, but we still have a team. We still have OUR team.

We can still watch a game with our Pop on a Saturday night. We can kick back at a cookout and turn on the radio and hear Joe Angel commentate a game as only Joe can do.

It’s our civic duty as Baltimoreans to stand behind the Orioles. To stick with them. To stick with each other as we root on the Birds day after day.

We’ll outlive these players and coaches and managers and executives and the owner here in Baltimore. We really will. When the Orioles are good again, we’re not going to be able to pay enough to get inside that ballpark and cheer on a contending team.

But until then, we still have them. We can still go on a Friday night and watch a game and then fireworks. We can still collect bobbleheads. Fans can still pay 8 bucks for a ticket, grab a dollar hot dog outside, sit in the upper deck with their scorecard and act as though they’re an official scorer.

That’s baseball folks. That’s why we love this game so much. It’s the little things in life that are most important, and it’s the little things about baseball that make it such a beautiful and glorious game.

I still love the game. I love baseball so much. I still love the Baltimore Orioles.

We all do.

Please, please…let’s not take our Orioles for granted.