Pente and The Hangout clip some orange feathers…big time

July 21, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Little by little, day by day, you’re starting to see the dawning of a new age in Baltimore.

In fact, the temperature in Hell reached -3 degrees this morning when Tony Pente of Orioles Hangout posted a 9,000 word half-a-book that detailed the trials and tribulations of the Orioles over the last 7 or so years.

Welcome to the other side, Tony.

We figured we’d see you here at some point.

There are still others in town who give the Orioles a free pass, but those people and their charitable yellow stripe down their back are becoming few and far between.

Pente, after today, is no longer a free-pass-giver.

I’d link the work that he authored at the OH here, but given the recent history of our relationship, I figure I’m better off not doing that.  You know where to find the piece if you’re interested in reading it.  Pente scratched me off his Christmas card list 18 months ago when I had the nerve to promote an appearance by Brandon Snyder on my show on the front page of Orioles Hangout.  That was, if you need a reminder, about five days after I had given one of his contributors three weeks worth of free promotional air-time during spring training to come on and spread the gospel about the great work of the Hangout.

I wanted quid pro quo.  Instead, I got kicked in the nuts.

But that’s over with now and Pente and his website continue to be a gathering spot for a large number of Orioles fans and many of the town’s Apologists for Andy and his magical mystery tour, now 64 losses and counting in 2010.  I said it before Pente treated me unfairly and I’ll say it now, as unwelcome as I am there…he has a good web-site and the people there are Orioles diehards and they all want the same thing I want — they want the team to be good again and they want to see the games matter and they want to see the stadium filled.

And that’s why Pente’s b-slapping of the Orioles today must be sending shock waves at the Hangout.

If anyone has some spare time this weekend, the woodshed needs repairing.  A canary with loose lips in the Warehouse did some serious singing with Tony in record-mode, and he dropped bomb after bomb on the O’s today.  Trades that were squandered, money not spent, scouting budgets woefully short…Pente aired it all today in his missive and slapped Andy MacPhail around for his turtle-like, ssssllllllllooooooowwwwwww approach to — well — everything, I guess.

He also repeatedly brought up the meddling ways of Peter Angelos.  Big mistake.  “Mr. A” doesn’t like to see his name muddied like that.  Most of what Tony wrote was a fair portrayal of the team’s owner, although, honestly, it would have been reasonable for Pente to note that over the last few years (throughout the MacPhail tenure, it would appear?) Angelos has removed himself from the day-to-day operational decisions of the organization.  On the whole though, the author didn’t paint a rosy picture of Peter’s overall impact on the franchise.

I hope Tony likes parking over near the football stadium.  That “A Lot” pass just got revoked.

What’s happened with our baseball franchise has been shameful for a long time now.  No one in particular is to blame for all of it and everyone is to blame for some of it.  2010, without question, has seen the club struggle through the lowest-of-lows.  As I noted in yesterday’s blog, I’ve actually been overly kind to the team this season.  In a year when they went until July 20 without winning 30 games, I’ve given them the kid gloves treatment far more often than I should have.  But when push comes to shove and you have to call it like it is, you call it like this:  what’s happened with the Orioles is wrong and what’s happened there is more about not WANTING to spend the money to be successful and not nearly as much about the American League East, black cats, bad luck, sore shoulders and missed calls from the umpires.

As a few people noted in the “comments section” of Tony’s piece today, some of what he wrote is just a re-hash of stuff that WNST has been bellyaching about for a long time now.  Of course, when we called the Orioles out on f’ed up trades and lack of organizational cohesion and poor marketing and running their club into the ground, we were chastised for “having an agenda”.  Tony was lauded today by his disciples and handed compliments for his diligent and fair effort in reporting “the facts”.  As Dave Matthews says:  “Funny the way it is…”

The one glaring piece of evidence Pente hung his hat on today is this:   Our baseball franchise is in shambles because they’d rather make money and probably lose than spend money and maybe win.

Pente, to his credit, finally gave in today and signed up for the crash course in calling it like it is.

I’m proud of him.

It took big balls to do that today.

He’ll never be dealt with the same way over at the Warehouse, but I assume he knew that as he hit the “publish” button this morning.

All I did was pester the team loud and long about putting “BALTIMORE” back on the road jersey and that earned me the embarrassment of having my credential revoked and getting the silent treatment from everyone at The Warehouse.

And I was doing the RIGHT thing, as evidenced solely by the fact that the team eventually DID put “BALTIMORE” on the road jersey.

Tony did the right thing too, citing the club for various infractions and mistakes in judgment…and the team continues to back up Brinks Truck after Brinks Truck at the ballpark and piling money into their coffers while (insert team here) cruises into town and beats us 11-4, 5-1 and 6-2 on successive nights.

Once again:  Welcome to the other side, Tony.

I feel like we made a deadline acquisition and we have a new power hitter on the team.

You’ll fit in nicely with us.

We all want the same thing.