Pete and Andy: Strike One?

January 29, 2008 |

Andy MacPhail, welcome to Orioles’ baseball!  Baltimore has beaten Peter Angelos’ decision-making (or lack thereof) to death.  We know the guy redefines micromanagement.  Enough said.

By all accounts, the M’s and O’s are/were on the cusp of consummating a deal that would send Bedard west and a slew of prospects to Camden Yards.

It seems that Andy has gotten the first taste of the used-car-dealership that is The Warehouse.

I can imagine the exchange between MacPhail and M’s GM Bill Bavasi…

Bavasi:  So I’ll send you 3 of our star prospects and some toss-ins for Bedard.  I’m ready to move.

MacPhail:  Sounds good, Bill.  Let me check w/ my manager and we’ll get the paperwork started.

[Leaves for the office, returns 5 minutes later].

MacPhail:  So, while I’m checking w/ my boss, why don’t you hang out in our lobby and enjoy some complimentary donuts in the meantime.

[Bavasi waiting…waiting…waiting…]

MacPhail:  I’m sure we’ll have an answer here shortly, Bill.  Would you like a beverage?

[Bavasi waiting…waiting…waiting…]

MacPhail:  My manager isn’t in right now, can I give you a call back in a few days?

Bavasi:  I’m ready to go, Andy.  What’s the holdup?

MacPhail:  I’m not sure, lemme check again…

And just like that, MacPhail (the “respected baseball man”) is instantly converted into Gil from the Simpsons.

Today, you and I know just as much as our General Manager, excuse me, President of Baseball Operations.

The Sun’s article this morning quoted MacPhail as saying “I don’t know” not once, but FIVE TIMES. 

So, if this deal doesn’t happen, methinks this is strike 1 for Pete w/ Mr. MacPhail.

By the time he hits strike 2, he may be pining for his days w/ the Cubs.

To borrow a phrase from the late Syd Thrift, he may have learned the value of Confederate money.