Ponder these 19 points

July 28, 2008 | Drew Forrester

1. For all of the talk about how this year’s O’s club is so much more entertaining and exciting as last year’s (true, by the way), guess how many more wins this year’s team has – after 104 games – than last year’s band of misfits? ZERO. Both teams are/were 49-55 at this stage in the season.

2. My Ravens “bird in a tree” tells me the newcomer they’ve been the most impressed with so far in training camp is Ray Rice.

3. Manny is “tired” of the Red Sox? That’s funny. “Tired” of the team that has paid him $20 million a year for the last eight years. Sometimes I wonder if these guys have any brain matter up there.

4. So Chad Johnson wound up reporting to camp after all that posturing and pontificating during the off-season? Another coward exposed.

5. What on earth was Dave Trembley thinking in his Sunday post-game press conference when he blabbed the news that Roch Kubatko was leaving The Sun and joining MASN? Shouldn’t Roch be allowed to tell everyone the news on his own schedule?

6. Perspective: The O’s have a total of TWO complete games as a staff this season. Johan Santana has SEVEN with the Mets.

7. I like John Harbaugh’s “30-plus” club concept. He gives players who are 30 and over every 3rd day off…smart move, Coach. Funny, though, had the “former coach” instituted the 30-plus rule, it would have been scoffed at as another example of “Camp CreamPuff”. It IS a great idea, though and another touch from Harbaugh that shows he’s in tune with what’s necessary to get the players ready to play in September.

8. With Radhames Liz being optioned to Triple AAA, that leaves an opening for a starter…why not give Jim Johnson a chance? He’s been the team’s most reliable non-starter over the last 50 games or so.

9. If the O’s can’t move Aubrey Huff NOW (hitting .293 with 20 HR), what’s that say about how the rest of the league perceives him?

10. Except for the AL West, it looks like every race in baseball will go down to the final week of the season. Should be interesting in the AL East, where Boston finishes at home vs. New York and Tampa travels to Detroit to end their season.

11. Note to Jay Brodie and the gang at the Baltimore Development Corp. — Since a new arena (even though it’s in Baltimore) would be contributing admission tax to the STATE of Maryland, how about going to the esteemed Governor and asking him to put some heat on the University of Maryland to play at least ONE home basketball game (Men’s and Women’s) in the new Baltimore arena for the next 10 years? And don’t make it Maryland vs. UNC-Asheville, either. Give Baltimore the ACC/Big Ten challenge game or some other strong non-conference opponent.

12. One Ravens vet tells me everything is going fine in training camp with the exception of a couple of the team’s new assistant coaches who are bordering on being disrespectful to the players who are making mistakes in camp. As the player told me, “on one of those days when it’s really, really hot and people are ready to boil over, one of those coaches is going to chew out the wrong guy and get himself in trouble…”

13. If I had to bet on one team right now to win the World Series, I’d put my money on the Angels. Good starting pitching, good offense and a great bullpen with a tireless closer. Oh, and they also have a very good manager, which comes into play a lot during the post-season.

14. Q. What do you get if you see a Redskins fan buried up to his neck in sand? Answer at the bottom of the page…

15. I’m the biggest golf fan in the world and I’m barely following the sport with Tiger out of action. I didn’t watch ONE hole of the Canadian Open over the weekend. Not one. Chez Reavie won. Yeah, I don’t care either. Hurry back, T-Dub.

16. KOBS Final Four: Ripken vs. Palmer and Brooks vs. Unitas. Here’s who SHOULD win: Palmer and Unitas. Here’s who WILL win: Ripken and Unitas. It’s shameful if Palmer isn’t the overall winner, but I’m not holding out much hope.

17. There was a rumor floating around town last week that Brian Roberts “popped the question” to a lady friend. Have no fear, ladies, it’s not true. According to Scott Hoffman at OriolesHangout.com, Roberts is very much still an unengaged bachelor.

18. We have some VERY big news here at WNST.net that will be well received by Ravens fans this season. Let’s just say we’ll be “in the huddle” with the team…each and every day. And you’ll be able to read it all ONLY at WNST.net. Details coming soon…

19. A.J. Burnett is telling people in these parts that he’s coming to Baltimore next season. I’ll take him. Especially if it’s the A.J. Burnett who pitched against the O’s last week when Toronto came to town.

Answer: More sand.