Pre game notes

July 02, 2008 |

Here are some notes from Dave Trembley:
          The Orioles have not heard from Dr James Andrews in regards to Matt Albers as of this afternoon. They are expecting to hear from him later today.
          Kevin Millar is getting the night off so that Jay Payton can get into play. Trembley pointed out that Millar’s 1-24 .042 career average against Meche is not the deciding factor, but is considered when he is making decisions. Millar has only struck out once versus Meche, and his only hit was in his first at bat against Meche back on 8-25-2003. Millar singled to center and was thrown out going into second.
          Adam Loewen will not be available for the Orioles tonight. Trembley said that Loewen will pitch back to back nights, but not after his first outing out of the bullpen. The original plan was for Adam to stay in the minors till the All –Star break, but he was progressing fast and with Jamie Walker going on the disabled list, there was a need for him.
          Ramon Hernandez is batting cleanup for the Orioles tonight and the reason is because Trembley says he did not want four left handed hitters batting in a row: Roberts, Markakis, Huff, then Ramon, followed by Scott. In case you were wondering, Ramon is 8-26 lifestime versus Meche.
          I asked Dave Trembley if he sees any similarities between the Royals and Orioles and what they are doing, and he said yes and added the Pirates in that equation also. Dave said he knows Royals manager Trey Hillman very well and what the Royals are trying to do is similar to what the Orioles are doing here.