Rain makes this game more interesting

May 28, 2008 |

Ok, so this game has gotten weird quick.
During Matsui’s at bat Joe Girardi came out and began to argue with the home plate umpire about the rain. After the final out, Alex Rodriquez was waiting on the field for someone to bring him his hat and glove when Girardi motioned for him to come off the field. Kyle Farnsworth had gone to the mound to get ready to pitch while talking to his catcher when Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland then motioned for them to come back into the dugout. Shortly after that the game was stopped which caused Dave Trembley to come out and begin to have a long conversation with the home plate umpire.
Here are a couple of interesting points from that. If Girardi was so concerned with the safety of his players, why did he have both Alex Rodriquez and Johnny Damon stealing ?
One of the funnier moments of the night came while Girardi was out complaining about the rain. After he realized he was getting no where with home plate umpire Doug Eddings he looked at second base umpire Dana DeMuth and held up his arms as if to complain about the rain. Upon doing that DeMuth basically shrugged off Girardi.