The Baltimore teams show their true colors…again

February 01, 2012 | Drew Forrester


Three weeks ago, right after the turn of the New Year, I e-mailed the Orioles media relations staff about spring training credentials in preparation for heading to Sarasota to do a week of radio and, hopefully, getting my listeners and readers excited about the 2012 baseball season.

At that point, I started researching the standard necessities for a trip like that:  airfare to and from Florida, a hotel room, a rental car, etc.  Any of you that travel even sporadically know the wisdom in “advance purchase” when it comes to reserving airfare, hotels, etc.

So I reached out to the Orioles in early January in an effort to organize WNST’s spring training coverage.

I never heard back from them.

This past Monday, from the cozy confines of the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, I once again e-mailed the Orioles media relations staff with another request for spring training credentials.

(As a side note, but important one:  Having NOT heard back from them in early January, I figured it wouldn’t be wise to put $2,000 worth of airfare, hotels and rental car on the company credit card until I was sure we would be credentialed by the team for spring training.  So…as of Monday when I sent the e-mail, we still hadn’t purchased airfare, hotels and such.)

Monday came and went.  No reply from the Orioles.  Meanwhile, I’m getting press releases from the team e-mailed to ME, so I know folks in the media relations department are working.  (Please see next page)

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  1. Unitastoberry Says:

    Maybe you should pick up the phone to the owner I believe he told your station years ago he was always available,that’s about as accurate as Mark Reynolds glove.

  2. Dan Says:

    I think I heard Nestor call Angelos a scum bag and a dispicable human being this am on your show , Frankly I just don’t understand why they dont respond to your e-mails . It’s a mystery to all of us . . . .

  3. Robert Says:

    Examples like this, keep my interest alive in the Ravens. On the other hand, and hurts me to say, but the Orioles (and MLB, for that matter) no longer have any impact on my life, except having money in my wallet to spend on other entertainment. I do have fond Oriole memories of the teams in the ’70’s & 80’s. Cheers.

  4. Mike from Carney Says:

    Whatever happened to the “bring your kid to the game” book reports? (DF: In what way? We gave away about 60 game tickets last year, they wrote reports, we picked a winner, he and his dad attended a Ravens game as their prize.)

  5. barnyard Says:

    Drew, Disappointments in life comes in many forms. It hurts to be ignored, to be on the outside looking in etc but you & WNST have brought a lot of this friction on yourselves. Angelos does it his way, you don’t approve? go to another party. I pay no attention whatsoever to the Orioles because it’s a dysfunctional organization & life at my age, (71) is much too short for that nonsense. You have a tough job, reporting the sports news is your livelihood & Angelos has now made this personal & that spells a blackout for WNST I’m afraid. (DF: You should work for the team with some of the attitudes you’ve highlighted.)

  6. Dan Says:

    We had The Colts and they were great . Championships , Hall of Fame players , and all the rest . They played their games in Memorial Stadium. They moved to Indianappolis, but left us our memories.

    We had The Orioles and they were great. Championships , Hall of Fame Players and all the rest . They played their games in Memorial Stadium. They moved to Camden Yards ( to be closer to D.C.), but left us our memories . Dan

  7. over40Don Says:

    Well at this point in time I suggest WNST reach out to the Nationals. All the games are on T.V. , it’s not that far away to go see a game, perhaps their players could call in like Ravens players do. Heck, the Nationals are actually competitive in their division. I prefer Black and Orange as they are the MLB colors I’ve thought about 1st since the 60’s when I was old enough to read my baseball cards, but I’m getting used to thinking Red or Blue or whatever colors the Nats use.

    Why bother with the Orioles anymore until they put a COMPETITIVE PRODUCT on the field? boycott ’em IGNORE ’em FORGET ABOUT THEM

  8. Marcus Halberstram Says:

    Isn’t it funny how whenever someone uses the phrase “true colors”, it’s never in a positive light? As in “I thought Mike was a real ahole, but he showed his true colors when he helped me move.” I am really thinking about actively rooting for the Tigers this year. You’re not a front runner if you get in on the ground floor!

  9. Carlos Henry Says:

    Not only should MLB contact the O’s and tell them to behave in a more professional manner, but they really need to speak with the owner and tell him that if he isn’t interested in fielding a competitive team then he should sell to someone who will. Isn’t that supposed to be the goal in pro sports, to do everything you can to win? Angelos is obviously only concerned with collecting his money from owning a major league baseball team not winning a World Series. You would almost have to make a concerted effort to be as bad as the Orioles have been for the last fourteen years. This team is becoming one of the saddest sacks in all of pro sports, not just baseball. I guess looking at a real pro franchise in the same city isn’t enough to shame the Orioles into getting better. What a joke.

  10. tiggnutz Says:

    Screw the Orioles and Peter Angelos.If you spend a single cent on them this year your a fool.I hope they lose 120 games.

  11. unitastoberry Says:

    @Carlos- I have suspected for years that Angelos has the blessing$$$ of MLB to be as bad as he possibly can be.

  12. colin meeks Says:

    can’t understand why they wouldn’t be chomping at the bit to have you down there with your flip camera reporting back to your 8 listeners. that billionaire pete is a real fool, keep up the good fight!

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