The Baltimore teams show their true colors…again

February 01, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Three weeks ago, right after the turn of the New Year, I e-mailed the Orioles media relations staff about spring training credentials in preparation for heading to Sarasota to do a week of radio and, hopefully, getting my listeners and readers excited about the 2012 baseball season.

At that point, I started researching the standard necessities for a trip like that:  airfare to and from Florida, a hotel room, a rental car, etc.  Any of you that travel even sporadically know the wisdom in “advance purchase” when it comes to reserving airfare, hotels, etc.

So I reached out to the Orioles in early January in an effort to organize WNST’s spring training coverage.

I never heard back from them.

This past Monday, from the cozy confines of the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, I once again e-mailed the Orioles media relations staff with another request for spring training credentials.

(As a side note, but important one:  Having NOT heard back from them in early January, I figured it wouldn’t be wise to put $2,000 worth of airfare, hotels and rental car on the company credit card until I was sure we would be credentialed by the team for spring training.  So…as of Monday when I sent the e-mail, we still hadn’t purchased airfare, hotels and such.)

Monday came and went.  No reply from the Orioles.  Meanwhile, I’m getting press releases from the team e-mailed to ME, so I know folks in the media relations department are working.  (Please see next page)