The Baltimore teams show their true colors…again

February 01, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Tuesday, I once again sent an email to the Orioles about spring training credentials.

For the second straight day…no reply.

At 12 noon on Tuesday, I sent an e-mail to Major League Baseball public/media relations asking for their intervention on the situation.  I didn’t ask MLB to get me credentials, mind you.  I merely asked MLB to at least have the Orioles recognize receipt of my e-mails about the credentials.  Just send me ANYTHING in return.  “Yes”, “No”, “We’re considering your application”…anything.

I just want to know if we should be buying airfare and renting hotel rooms…or not.  The team’s negligence in responding to my professional request has already cost the radio station at least $500 in increased airfare and other promotional opportunities we couldn’t cash in on because we weren’t (and still aren’t) 100% sure we’d be welcome in Sarasota.  Glenn and I went down there last spring for a week of coverage, but our e-mails and requests for information were actually returned 12 months ago.  This time around, we’re on the persona non grata list once again – I’m not sure why – so I’d really like some help from the folks at Major League Baseball to hopefully put an end to this twisted style of people skills the Orioles are exhibiting.

That original e-mail went to MLB at 12 noon on Tuesday.

It’s 3:45 on Wednesday.

And I haven’t heard back from MLB yet.

The Ravens stood up today in front of anyone and everyone who was interested and gave you – the fans – answers to any questions the media fired at them.

I can’t get the Orioles or Major League Baseball to return an e-mail.

Who works for who?  Are the folks in New York so afraid of backlash from Orioles ownership/upper management that they’re not strong enough to send down a mandate from the head office of Public Relations that says, simply, “Dear Orioles:  Stop being unprofessional and answer ALL media e-mails you receive.”

Is that it?

Do the Orioles tell MLB what to do?

If so, that probably shows us all why baseball is suffering these days and football is steaming like a bushel of hot Chesapeake Bay crabs.

I’m not sure what else to believe since – *ahem* – I can’t get a return e-mail from the folks in the MLB PR office.  I’m led to assume the worst…that the Orioles ignore THEM the same way they ignore ME.  Or, perhaps MLB doesn’t care about my problems in Baltimore (I hope that’s not the case, since it’s ultimately their product – baseball – that’s suffering because of the team’s unprofessionalism) or they’ve contacted the Orioles and the upstanding folks in Orioles media relations just gave them a polite middle finger and went back to taking a nap (I’ll go with this one).

Either way, I know this:  I haven’t heard back from the Orioles or Major League Baseball since Monday morning.  But I’ll bet you ANYTHING you want that if you contacted MLB or the Orioles sales departments today about a $100,000 corporate sponsorship check you’d like to write them for the 2012 season, you’d have more e-mails in 48 hours than Brian Matusz had losses a year ago.

Another day, another log.  Or two.

That fire is roaring now.