Ray Lewis not smartest defender in NFL,O’s pictures, birthday cake, and music

July 01, 2008 |

So a recent survey out from ESPN.com list Ray Lewis as the second smartest defensive player in the NFL as voted on by NFL head coaches. Here is the article, which is very interesting to read. Just for the record, no one from the offense
          I can not imagine Derrick Martin will be around long as a member of the Ravens. What he tried to pull is insane to think about. If you did wrong, just admit, do the punishment, and move on. Not saying it is right or is wrong, but I think there is a chance he will be made an example of.
          In the Orioles clubhouse, there are huge poster size pictures of Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey, Elrod Hendricks, Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, and other Orioles greats on the wall outside of the clubhouse. Recently some of the new Orioles pictures have begun to show up. There are now the same size pictures of Brian Roberts, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and a couple of other guy’s pictures lining the halls.
          Yesterday was Luke Scott’s birthday and he had a huge cake made like the back of his jersey in the clubhouse. Luke said a friend of his made the cake for him and that it weighed about 25 lbs. Every player that walked by and ate some of the cake talked about how good it was and wondering where it came from.
          People have asked about the song that Brian Roberts comes to at bat with. It is from a band called Submersed, which is a band that Kevin Millar is friends with. The song is all called We All Make Mistakes.