Ray Miller

April 22, 2009 |

always said:

1) work quickly  2) throw strikes   3) change speeds 4) dont be afraid of contact. It seems so simple. However, we could all name 20 Orioles pitchers in recent history who did not follow this advice. Bergeson did well last night and he does work quickly. You cannot teach this…you have it or you don’t. Bergeson has it. Even the players said they liked playing behind him because working quickly makes it easier  to focus on playing good defense. He isn’t overpowering, but he threw a decent amount of strikes and he has a brutal slider that can finish off righties. He also moves the ball around the zone and wasn’t very predictable. The league will scout him and things will get tougher…but it was better than watching Adam Eaton. Start bringing up the young guns and simply tell them:

work quickly, throw strikes, change speeds, and dont be afraid of contact. Ray Miller 101.