Report: Report on Josh Hamilton coming to Baltimore is silly…

November 08, 2012 | Drew Forrester

The Orioles are not interested in Josh Hamilton.

“But Drew, wait, I saw a bunch of stories on the internet that say they are…”

No, you didn’t.

What you saw was ONE story, from ONE person, that a bunch of people then picked up instead of thinking about it on their own for three seconds.

The Orioles, contrary to any report, aren’t going to try and sign Josh Hamilton.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been following the team for the last 15 years.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see them sign Hamilton.  They are always in need of better players and, with all due respect to Nate McLouth and Nolan Reimold (you remember him, he’s the guy who never plays because he’s hurt), Hamilton would be a mega-upgrade in left over those two.

I’m not writing this to campaign for or against Hamilton, although, admittedly, I’d take him on this team in a heartbeat.

I’m writing this to urge you to not get your hopes up.  They’re not signing Josh Hamilton.  He will cost someone roughly $120 to $150 million.  And remember, that’s guaranteed money.  You can’t be fired.  You get your money no matter if you hit .321 or .221.  Peter Angelos is not going to authorize an expenditure of that kind of money while he is still greatly unsure of how the MASN TV ruling is going to conclude.  Accordingly, with most experts following the story saying Angelos is going to lose the fight with the Nationals, the Orioles are unfortunately going to be the child-caught-in-the-middle-of-the-family-fight.  Angelos won’t make any kind of deal that means he has to guarantee a substantial sum of money (which, $150 million is) without knowing the conclusion or direction of the battle between the Nationals and MASN.

And if the Nationals win the fight and get their rights fee upped from $35 million to somewhere closer to $80 or $100 million a year, Angelos and MASN will, initially, have to fork over that money all by themselves.  That means there’s less money to go around elsewhere.  Of course, if the Nationals do get a substantial rights fee, you and I and anyone else with cable TV will ultimately bear the brunt of the increase because our cable bill will be kicked up by 50 cents a month to offset the new payment to Washington’s baseball team.  But in the meantime, with the whole MASN/Nats/Orioles fiasco so fuster-clucked, there’s just no way Peter Angelos can divert himself from that potential courtroom brawl to authorize $150 million for Josh Hamilton.

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