Report: Report on Josh Hamilton coming to Baltimore is silly…

November 08, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Peter has spent most of the last five years arguing that the Nationals have hurt his franchise’s viability and worth.  What will it say for that argument if the Nationals get a $50 million per-year raise from Angelos and MASN and then the Orioles go out and spend $150 million on a baseball player?

If you want to believe for a minute that the Nationals win the fight and get more money — and then Angelos is compelled to give the Orioles an equal slice of the pie, you can believe that and you might be right.  But that doesn’t mean he would mandate to Dan Duqette to spend $50 million MORE in payroll.  It just means he would say to Duquette, “The payroll is now $75 million and you’ll use all of the MASN money directly for those salaries.”

Nothing about this tells me the Orioles are a player in the Josh Hamilton sweepstakes.

They haven’t signed a free agent to a $100 million contract EVER — as in, never, ever, ever, ever.  And the last two guys they forked over $75 million (Belle) and $72 million (Tejada) for both were unable to finish their contract in Baltimore.

They gave Brian Roberts $40 million in 2009 and he has basically earned $20 million of that for free over the last two years.

I’ll give you the laundry list of high-quality free agents over the last five years who have been available and the Orioles passed on all of them:  Teixeira, Sabathia, Belle, Lee, Pujols, Fielder.  Need to see any other names?  Right.  Me neither.

And please note:  I am NOT beating them up for not pursuing Josh Hamilton.  I’d like to see them chase after him and perhaps even get him, but I’ve watched this play out before.  I know how it’s going to end.

I’m simply writing this to tell you not to believe some kind of silly report in the beginning of November when agents are starting to leak out potential destinations for their client in hopes of commencing the bidding war.

Somewhere, an agent looked at what’s been happening in Baltimore over the last 12 months and saw the potential need for an impact bat and a left-fielder and said, “Hey…by the way, the Orioles are already sniffing around.”

No, they’re not.

And if you think they are, you’re just going to wind up getting your feelings hurt next month.

Josh Hamilton isn’t coming to Baltimore.