Rest easy — the Orioles aren’t signing Manny Ramirez (right?)

February 08, 2012 | Drew Forrester

But that’s probably not why he quit.

My guess is he quit for the exact same reason you, me and any other human would quit.  He made $18 million in 2010.  The Rays wanted to pay him $2 million.  After 17 at-bats, he discovered it wasn’t worth the $2 million.

Ask yourself the same question on a relative scale.  You go to work for “Smith Widgets”.  They pay you $100,000 to sell widgets. You sell widgets for 10 years.  You have a great run, making $100k a year and getting bonuses and such.  You’re a single guy, doing well for yourself, and your bank account keeps going up as the widgets fly out of the warehouse.  Suddenly one day, your boss tells you things are changing in your department and you’re one of those things.  You’re suddenly no longer wanted.  You go see a couple of other widget companies and none of them want you.  Finally, “Jones Widgets” says, “We don’t have a great compensation package for you, but we’ll give you a shot since we know you used to be pretty decent at selling widgets.”  They then slide a napkin in front of you over lunch and offer you $12,000.  Without a job, and assuming you can still sell widgets, you take their offer of $12k.  Yep, same guy…same job, essentially, same widgets, same clients.  But now, you’re getting $12,000 instead of $100,000.  How motivated would you be?  (Correct.)  Not very. 

Ramirez jaked it last year in Tampa Bay because he was no longer getting paid $18 million or $23 million.  It simply wasn’t worth his time.

Then he got busted again and that was that.

Somehow, he weasled his way out of that fake retirement and managed to get the suspension decreased to 50 games.  Then he started the winter dog-and-pony-show in hopes of finding some team who would take a gamble on him.

The Orioles are one of those teams.

And they’ll probably pay him less than $1 million for 110 games worth of baseball if, in fact, they’re actually going to follow through and pursue Ramirez.

I can’t wait to see that effort.  Dude used to make $18 million.  Now he makes $880,000.  Over/under on how many times he breaks a sweat out of those 110 games is 24.5.  I’ll take the under.

And please, Dan Duquette, don’t for one minute buy the lame argument being raised up the flagpole by his agent who keeps saying “Manny wants to prove himself again”.

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