Rest easy — the Orioles aren’t signing Manny Ramirez (right?)

February 08, 2012 | Drew Forrester

I’m sure he does.  No one wants to go out disgraced the way he left the game last year, a twice-suspended user of Lord-knows-what to keep his bat speed up and his body in tune at age 39.  Getting nailed once for steroids or PED’s is one thing.  Twice?  No excuse for that.  None.

Is that where the Orioles are at as an organization?

Are they really thinking about bringing this scandal-in-waiting to town and somehow going to sell him to the fans?  Mark Buerhle, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, C.J. Wilson.  Those guys were all available this winter.

The Orioles had no real interest in adding any of those four.

But they’re going to throw Manny Ramirez at the fan base and ask the people of Baltimore to accept that?

Absolutely not.

Well, I wouldn’t accept it, anyway.

What do I tell my 4-year old son when I take him to the ballpark and Ramirez walks out on the field?  Picture this: All of those Junior Orioles members (of which my son is one of them) show up at the ballpark in July and there’s Manny out in left shagging balls before the game.  What do the fathers and mothers tell their children about how Ramirez wound up in Baltimore?

Or do we just not care enough anymore to call a spade-a-spade and speak the truth:  Manny Ramirez doesn’t deserve the glory of the game anymore.  Not in Baltimore.  Or Toronto.  Or Oakland.  Or Cleveland.  But if one of those teams wants to sell-their-soul for a creep like that, let them.  The Orioles better not do it.

I’ve been chasing after the Orioles for years to sign good players.  Ramirez used to be a GREAT player.  But he’s nothing more than baseball’s hobo with a stick over his shoulder, looking for a train to hop on and sleep for a few hours until he gets off at the next stop to steal money out of the tip jar at the Waffle House.

Ramirez is not only a has-been on the field, he’s a twice-suspended has-been who doesn’t deserve a 3rd chance to prove he doesn’t really have the heart or the skill to be great anymore.

Surely, if a dummy like me from Glen Burnie knows that, Dan Duquette and Peter Angelos MUST know that, right?

I know we don’t want Angelos meddling in baseball affairs, but if this decision comes on his desk and it’s Duquette – and Buck – saying the club wants to sign Ramirez, I can only assume the team’s owner will say “absolutely friggin’ not.”

Someone over the needs to put an end to this charade, now, before Duquette somehow catches Angelos in a weak moment and convinces him Ramirez is a smart move.

Manny offers nothing.

He’s clearly someone not willing to abide by the rules.

And he doesn’t care at all about embarrassing the organization he plays for, as folks in Boston, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay will sadly attest to — and his next team will, as well.

Yes, I’m well aware the Orioles are in need of a right handed power hitter to serve as the team’s designated hitter.  But it’s not that guy.  I know Mark Reynolds has more holes in his glove than Madonna had outfit changes on Sunday in Indianapolis, but I’ll take Reynolds over Ramirez – right now – as the team’s DH if it comes to that.  Say what you will about Reynolds and his so-so overall ability at the plate, but he’s not a steroid user and not a s**t stirrer in the locker room and he’s going to at least give you a representative effort nearly every night.

Ramirez is a sideshow these days, not a baseball player.

And as low as the Orioles have been over the last decade, they need to scrape the barrel-of-pride and acknowledge in their heart of hearts that Ramirez doesn’t DESERVE to play in Baltimore.  I know what you’re thinking…”gee, how low have you sunk when the Orioles will pass on you?”

Well, in this case, there’s only one way the Orioles can get any lower than they are right now.

They’d only get lower by signing Ramirez.

I’m telling you now, there’s no way in hell they’re doing it.

I’ve seen them do a lot of crazy, asinine stuff, but nothing they’ve done would rival this decision.

It’s a double-guarantee.

The Orioles aren’t signing Manny Ramirez.

They’re not that dumb.