Round 1 – Draft Prediction

April 20, 2010 | John West

In my first post of “NFL DRAFT WEEK 2010” I first have to give a heartfelt thank you to Brian Matusz, for pitching another gem and stopping the 9 game losing streak.

Here is my mock Draft.  It is not correct.  None of them are.  The most glaring mistake I made, at least I hope, is the Ravens pick.  I really really hope that TE Jermaine Gresham will be off the board, so the Ravens can trade down.  The fact that the Ravens have 2 picks in the first 4 rounds will become intolerable for them, and they will trade out of the 25th pick.  Or at least I hope.

1. Rams             Sam Bradford                 QB                   Oklahoma

2. Lions             Ndamukong Suh           DT                   Nebraska

3. Tampa           Gerald McCoy                DT                   Oklahoma

4. Redskins       Trent Williams             OT                    Oklahoma

5. Chiefs             Russell Okung              OT                    Oklahoma State

6. Seattle            Eric Berry                        S                       Tennesse

7. Browns          Joe Haden                     CB                     Florida

8. Raiders         Derrick Morgan            DE                    Georgia Tech

9. Bills               Jimmy Clausen              QB                    Notre Dame

10. Jaguars      Jason Pierre-Paul         DE                    South Florida

11. Broncos      Dez Bryant                      WR                   Oklahoma State

12. Miami         Earl Thomas                   S                       Texas

13. 49ers           Bryan Bulaga                 OT                     Iowa

14. Seattle         C.J. Spiller                      RB                    Clemson

15. Giants         Rolando McClain         ILB                   Alabama

16. Titans          Brandon Graham         DE                    Michigan

17. 49ers            Kyle Wilson                   CB                    Boise State

18. Steelers       Kareem Jackson           CB                    Alabama

19. Falcons       Sean Weatherspoon    OLB                 Missouri

20. Texans        Dan Williams               DT                    Tennesse

21. Bengals        Jermaine Gresham     TE                    Oklahoma

22. Pats              Jerry Hughes                OLD/DE         TCU

23. Packers       Devin McCourty            CB                    Rutgers

24. Eagles         Mike Iupati                     G                      Idaho

25. Ravens        Jared Odrick                  DT/DE           Penn State

26. Cardinals   Sergio Kindle                 OLB                 Texas

27. Cowboys     Anthony Davis              OT                    Rutgers

28. Chargers    Everson Griffen             DE                    USC

29. Jets              Daryl Washington       OLB                  TCU

30. Vikings       Colt McCoy                    QB                    Texas

31. Colts             Maurice Pouncey          C                      Florida

32. Saints          Taylor Mays                   S                       USC