Schedule-gate 2013: We’re not all going to get everything we want

March 20, 2013 | Glenn Clark

That agreement took place when the sides had a more direct partnership however, as the Orioles collected money from the Ravens to air content on MASN. It was much easier to make things work when the parties had an economic agreement.

The Orioles have been fairly amenable at other times as well, including a willingness to shift the start time of a game just a season ago in order to accommodate the Baltimore Grand Prix.

Of course, that was once again a scenario where the Orioles were receiving money from the Grand Prix in order to use the baseball stadium as part of the race course. It is always easier to be coerced when you stand to gain financially from the entire process.

The Orioles weren’t so willing to be amenable just a year ago, and were in fact instead prepared to flex their own muscle towards the Baltimore Running Festival. My same source with knowledge of the lease agreement between the O’s and the Maryland Stadium Authority reminded me that the Birds were fully prepared to force the Running Festival (including the Baltimore Marathon and Half Marathon) to be cancelled should the Orioles have won the AL East and hosted Games 3, 4 and 5 of the ALDS. The Marathon was only saved when the Orioles were unable to overtake the New York Yankees in the final days of the regular season.

The Orioles would not have thought twice about about flexing their own muscle in such a situation (and unless you’re connected to the Running Festival you likely would not have complained), but for some reason Orioles fans have gone out of their way to paint the NFL as “evil” and “trying to flex their muscle in this situation.”

So I ask again-why is it that we simply allow the Orioles to “call shotgun” first and then sit in the front seat of the car whenever they want?

These two entities-the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens-are contractually obligated to a partnership that centers around sharing state-owned property.

The Maryland Stadium Authority (an entity created by the State of Maryland) is the owner and operator of the Camden Yards Sports Complex, including both stadiums. Both M&T Bank Stadium and Oriole Park at Camden Yards are part of the complex, as is the parking area immediately surrounding both stadiums. The MSA gave the Orioles preferential treatment in the lease agreement because the Orioles were the original tenant of the facility (and also in part because the Orioles offer more overall dates to the MSA during the course of a calendar year).

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