Season(s) Silenced

October 16, 2012 | Tom Federline

SO, you may ask yourself – How did I get here? Or you may ask yourself – what teams season is he talking about? Or you may find yourself – in a state of limbo? In the matter of one weekend – the Orioles season/playoff run was halted and the Ravens season/playoff run is looking dim. The Orioles bats were silenced and the Ravens “Defense” chant was silenced. Markakis was silenced with a season ending injury. Ray-Ray is silenced with a season ending injury. What the heck is going on Baltimore? Orioles Magic, Ravens Hopes – On such a high – then silenced. It has “Been Such a Longtime” – (Boston), since Baltimore has had TWO winning teams – we forgot what it felt like. At least I did – until the O’s beat Texas!

I’m not kidding you, that Friday evening when the O’s clinched, I felt a warm a summer breeze and I was inside. I got a warm feeling that I hadn’t felt since 1983. The Orioles won and they won with what I thought had been lost –  passion for the game. The O’s had it and the A’s had it. Unfortunately they are both out and the money teams win.  ’96 and ’97 was nice – but they bought it. In ’83 – they wanted it, like they did like this year. Some stars mixed in with some guys just stepping up. I could write a book about this season and more Os’ blogs will follow, SO – let’s stick with the present. 

Orioles bats silenced. Nate McClouth – bless you. 1 out of 15 bats is not going to advance you to the next round of the playoffs. I was and still am tired of hearing – “Oh, it was such a well pitched series.” Oh, it was so exciting.” “Oh, they were in every game.” “Oh, the Yankees were not hitting either.” WRONG – you are paid to put the bat on the ball. Not nine guys fanning the stands, not two games of cooled off bats, not FIVE games of no hitting, not in the playoffs. Did they run out of juice? Come on Brady – we know you have connections. The O’s bats were certainly not being used to hit the ball, they might as well have just used them as spears…………….wait-a-minute………….

Luckily, Joba “the hut” Chamberlain was not speared, but the Weiters flying bat head did accidently take him out of the game.

The Ravens defense needs help. With Webb out, Ray-Ray out and Ngatas knee on the brink – there needs to be some serious gut checking in that locker room. I was at the game Sunday – there were moments of raucous cheers – but for the most part – silence,, Fans were just in awe of watching the Ravens defense get torched. DE-FENSE, DE-FENSE…… where? Ray-Ray retiring? Ray Lewis not on the field for the Ravens (as a player)? You see – what did you just do? There was a silent pause there, wasn’t it?

This guy will be missed and not just by Baltimore.

Last week with the O’s was rough. Now this week, with the news of one the greatest football players in our lifetime possibly calling it a career, just got a little rougher. I can tell you one thing – Camden Yards that infamous Sunday evening after the 2 hour and 40 minute rain delay was by NO means – silent. Put aside the weather and outcome of the game – it was a pleasure to experience Baltimore baseball the way it used to be – at Memorial Stadium. Oriole baseball fans at their best. All we needed was hope. Thank you Buck-Buck. Thank you O’s. The countdown towards Spring training has begun.

Baltimore fans – are silenced – for the time being. Adjustments have to be made. Get used to not seeing one of the greatest linebackers and respected  motivational leaders of all-time on the field. The Ravens have an offense (minus a coordinator) and a mediocre defense. The Orioles are contenders. The O’s lost focus at the wrong time this year – they will be back. Clear out a drawer and a portion of the closet for Orange attire. And as for the winter – I would advise buying some Terp basketball gear – mens and womens. Me thinks Ms. Frese and that’s Turgeon with a capitol “T”, have it going on in College Park.

Baltimore sports fans will not be silenced long. The O’s run was special – it was one heckuva late summer. The Ravens – let’s just say need a boast. The Terps BBall – I have to say it – Buckle Up. We are a good sports town – we deserve a winning atmosphere.




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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    You may ask yourself who are those jerks in pinstipes? Same as it ever was.

  2. Fedman Says:

    Thanks for the nice pick-up on the Talking Heads reference. Oooo those Pinstripers – arrogant boys, aren’t they? One of the best things about the AL East standings this year – It was NOT the “same as it ever was.” Well, at least as it has been the past 15 seasons. I am definately not a Tigers fan, (3 of their players salary was more than the entire A’s club combined), but as you know – Anybody except the Yankees! And the Red Sox and the Steelers and Duke and….

    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


  3. JC Says:

    Yes O’s bats were silenced to end the remarkable run that was the 2012 season. Good pitching always beats good hitting, but it also makes bad hitting look ridiculous. Boy did they miss Nick Markakis in the playoffs. Yes thank you Nate McClouth (did his game 5 blast really miss the foul pole?).

    As for the Ravens, not so fast on the season silenced thing. Yes they are banged up, but sizzle is coming back, and we do have an offense that can outscore teams. Certainly will be interesting to see how it plays out. Look for lots of track meets the remainder of the season.

    With all the injuries, our D has gone from “Psycho Killers” to “Nothing but Flowers (Pansies that is)” Let’s hope come January they still have enough fuel left to keep “Burning Down the House”.

  4. Fedman Says:

    All is better with baseball – Thank You Detroit! It’s 8-1 in the 8th. The guy who silenced Markakis’ season, CC (Biggest Loser) Sabathia, just got shelled in Motown! NICE!
    Of course, Nate McClouths ball missed the fair pole, Even if it had hit it dead nuts, it would have been called foul. Rich Garcia has connections and had money on the game.
    Ravens = Flacco, Boldin, Torrey Smith, Ray Jr.
    David Byrne – an under-rated master of his craft and graduate of Lansdowne High hun. Take me to the river and just drop me in the water….Life is good.
    Tigers are going to the World Series – at least it isn’t the bad guys.
    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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