Should Terry Francona have called Dave Trembley?

July 17, 2008 |

So there are some people here at Camden Yards who think that Terry Francona should’ve called Dave Trembley and explained to him why he used George Sherrill the way he did in the All Star Game on Tuesday night night in New York.
So should he have also sent him a box of chocolates and a virtual hug along with that apology?

Francona does not owe Trembley any explanation as to why he used Sherrill the way he did. Francona was trying to win a game that probably will benefit him the most when it comes time for the World Series in October.

Here is the interesting fact:  Franconia actually called Andy McPhail and explained the situation to him but did not and has not tried to call Dave Trembley.

If anything, maybe Francona showed that Sherrill can be used for more than one inning.

Francona did what any other manager would’ve done — he tried to win the game because his team might need home field advantage three months from now.

To think that Francona was sitting in the dugout thinking and plotting on how he could use up George Sherrill and Scott Kazmir of the Rays so that it will be benefit the Red Sox down the road is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard.

I think it is far more interesting as to why Terry Francona called Andy McPhail and not Dave Trembley.
What do you think?