Skipping Tonight’s Game in Fear of Being Jinx

May 30, 2009 | Glenn Clark

(Photo Courtesy of The Sun)

As Thyrl Nelson wrote earlier this week and my friend Sam Angell (who works dilligently at the University of Maryland and previously worked for Facebooked-this has been about the best week for an Orioles fan since-say-1997.

Winners of 7 of their last 8, the call-up of “future Hall of Famer” Matt Wieters, a walk-off home run by a rookie to cap a late 5 run rally, and wins for two pitchers in their first big league starts. It has been particularly spectacular.

Unfortunately; I have only been there for one game. The loss. Last Sunday-in heartbreaking fashion thanks to an Adam Dunn grand slam at Nationals Park.

I was going to go to a number of games since last Friday-but numerous factors kept me away. I missed last Friday and Saturday due to family events. I missed Tuesday due to fear of the weather. I missed Wednesday due to our KOBST finale at Padonia Station. And I missed Friday “Wieters night” for a reason so strange I don’t think I can explain it here. Let’s just say it involves the NSA and the movie “Up.” I’m not kidding.

But finally; tonight was the night to go. My girlfriend “The Luckiest Darn Gal on the Face of the Planet” was ready to go to her first game this season; and I was gathering friends on Facebook to also go. But then it hit me…

“What if I’m the jinx?”

I got a text from the previously mentioned Sam A asking me where I was planning on sitting for tonight’s game. Right about the same time, “TLDGOTFOTP” started feeling sick. It was as if it was a sign.

I don’t want to be the one to ruin this.

Maybe this is just a fortunate streak in a season where things could still go bad. But I’m way too superstitious to take that risk. I might be the jinx. And if I am, I’m not ruining it for anyone else. I’ll watch the game on TV; but I’m not going tonight. No chance. If they win, I might not go again on the next homestand. We’ll see how it goes. If they lose, I’ll just assume it was dumb luck and had nothing to do with me. I can’t go tomorrow anyway; so that’s not an issue here.

I have to stay away. I’m not ruining this. These last 9 days have been way too good.