So what happened with Tony LaCava and the Orioles? I know…

November 02, 2011 | Drew Forrester

that I trusted and laid it all out for them and everyone came back with the same answer.  “Drew, you’re really going to leave your home in Baltimore and start all over again in Buffalo when the team or the league might not be in business in a year?”  After advice and discussions like those, I turned down the job.  One year later, the Buffalo team was, in fact, no longer in business.

At some point, things you do in life are NOT about the money.  I know, in Peter Angelos’s world, money has always ruled his daily business life, but it’s not that way with everyone.

And my guess is that it wasn’t that way with LaCava, who finally got wise at the last minute and figured it just wasn’t smart to uproot his career, his life, his family and his future for a job that, frankly, even had Andy MacPhail throwing gutter balls. MacPhail, you’ll recall, was the chosen one — if he couldn’t fix it, no one could.

Well, MacPhail didn’t fix it.

And neither will Tony LaCava.

He decided it was better to stay in Toronto and continue with his efforts to oversee one of the American League’s growing franchises rather than take a job in Baltimore where there’s no real first baseman, no second baseman, no third baseman, no designated hitter, an oft-injured potentially-half-good left fielder and one or two pitchers worth their salt.

Anyone blame him?

Once again, the Orioles produced a big swing and miss, losing out on their guy while other teams around baseball are already signing players and making trades to try and improve their team for 2012.

What happened with LaCava?

That’s easy.

The Orioles happened.