Someone get ‘The Bulldog’ a watch…

June 18, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So I hung out at WNST until 11:30 or so this morning to continue the information-gathering effort as it relates to the Sam Perlozzo-Dave Trembley situation.

I went back on the air with Bob Haynie at 10:05 am this morning and reported that my sources were indicating that Perlozzo was OUT and Dave Trembley was IN as the team’s interim manager.

If you check this thread from Baltimore, you’ll note that someone named “52decleetzu” posted my breaking news at 10:10 and that started a whirlwind of activity both on-line and, I’m assuming, at the news desk at 501 N. Calvert St.

So I get home a few minutes ago and there’s this e-mail in my inbox:


Just so you know, your good buddy Damon the Bulldog at 1300 just went on the air at 11:15 and said, in a very sad, miserable voice, “We hate to be the ones to give you this breaking news since he’s one of the good guys in this marketplace, but it’s what we do I guess.  The Orioles have informed Sam Perlozzo that he’s being removed as the team’s manager effective immediately.”

Thought you would get a chuckle out of that since I heard you provide WNST listeners with that same “breaking news” at the beginning of Bob’s show about an hour before The Bulldog broke the story.

Keep up the good work.

Sam in Towson

I didn’t have my ears on today, so I didn’t hear The Bulldog personally, but Sam is a regular e-mail contributor to me at WNST and I believe he’s speaking the truth on this subject.

Obviously, someone needs to send my man The Bulldog a watch.  Make sure it’s set on EDT.  And remind him that it’s not courteous to claim you’re breaking a story when someone else in town already shared the information with their listening audience.

I’m sure it doesn’t sit well at CBS Radio that for the umpteenth time this year, WNST got O’s news first – and delivered it to our listeners before anyone else in town could talk about it, write about it, etc.  It should make them angry, actually.  One of the reasons they sold their soul to the Orioles was to be guaranteed they’d receive prominent information first.  That being said, one of their on-air hosts was openly chastised yesterday by Kevin Millar when she – along with another local female TV personality – was seen and heard laughing in the locker room following the O’s 6-4 loss to Arizona.  Millar had to remind them to save the giggles for the next time they’re both at Chippendales…it’s not cool to laugh in the presence of a team that has just dropped its 8th straight at home.  So much for CBS Radio people being in the good graces of the players, huh?

But today’s Perlozzo-Trembley story was one that started developing early this morning and became official, at least in my mind, around 9:55 am.  It took me 10 minutes to feel confident enough to go with it, which we did at the outset of Haynie’s show.  We won’t get any credit from The Sun, naturally, since they’re a founding member of the “WNST doesn’t get any credit” Club, but all of you out there listening in your car or on-line know the truth.  And that’s all that matters.

Back with more on this noteworthy day.  Perlozzo gone (he’s privately thrilled to death, I’m sure), Trembley in, Andy MacPhail on board as Pete’s #2 man and Duquette and Flanagan wondering what their job duties now entail.

Going to the Trembley press conference at 1:00 pm or so.  More later…