Something’s not adding up in the Mark Reynolds saga

December 01, 2012 | Drew Forrester

Either Duquette is fibbing – which, honestly, his history here wouldn’t suggest – or he just let a player get away that he’d like to have back because of a difference of a few million dollars.

The Orioles will wind up with a 2013 “team salary” of roughly $85 million once arbitration figures are settled and the roster is set for next season.  That’s about what they spent in 2012.

It would appear, then, that Duquette has been told by ownership that his ceiling for 2013 spending isn’t going up much from what the team spent a season ago.

And that’s going to cost them Mark Reynolds.

You can make the argument that Reynolds is a liability and any other reasonable baseball argument about his value and I’d agree with that, which is why he wouldn’t be on MY roster.

But in this case, in the REAL world, not our fantasy baseball world, Reynolds was on the Orioles for two years and he was good enough that Duquette has admitted they’d like to have him back for 2013 and beyond.

Now he’s gone because of a few million dollars.

It doesn’t add up, not when you’re trying to be a championship ballclub.

If you’re trying to pinch pennies, it makes sense.

But other than that, it doesn’t add up at all.

If you think Mark Reynolds is a good player and you’d like to have him back – which Duquette has said – are you willing to let him go for a few million dollars?

The Orioles “made” $7 million by playing in the 2012 post-season.  Why wouldn’t they just consider that found money and throw it away – insert your Reynolds-at-3rd-base-joke here – on a guy like Reynolds who has been a good egg over his two year stay in Baltimore?  Remember, they’ve admitted they would like him back.  Sometimes you have to “overspend” to keep your guys, something the Yankees have done a great job of doing over the years, like two weeks ago when they gave Hiroki Kuroda $15 million for ’13 after he made $10 million in 2012.  Five million didn’t matter to them.  And five million shouldn’t matter to the Orioles, either.

The Orioles have gobs of money at their disposal.  They spent $85 million a season ago.  They could spend $100 million this year – the money we’ve given them as cable TV subscribers over the last seven years – and it wouldn’t faze them a bit.

Then again, as I wrote right here last month when the subject of Josh Hamilton came up, I don’t see the Orioles spending any free agency money of note (meaning, signing REAL players to REAL contracts) while the MASN/Washington Nationals rights fee battle continues.  This is the ugly side of the three-headed business triangle called Angelos/Orioles/Nationals.  There’s no way Peter Angelos is going to authorize any significant spending while this saga drags on.

And that cost the Orioles Mark Reynolds.



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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    It costs the fans too. I was not a Reynolds lover but if your not going to upgrade to bring in big cleanup bat(UNLIKELY) then you need to sign this guy for 1st base and depth. The stench is again rising from the whorehouse I mean warehouse.

  2. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Does anything the Orioles do really surprise us anymore? I hope the Nationals take Angelos to the wood-shed with there lawsuit, it could not happen to a nicer guy. Once again, 2 steps forward(winning season)1 step backward; going cheap again, O’s fans again lose out !!!

  3. mark Says:

    This could be true OR it could mean they are still in discussions to trade for Billy Butler. Dd has said all along they are more likely to trade then to sign a big free agent. I will reserve judgment for at least another month. DD has said he’d like to have Reynolds back but I don’t know if I can believe that. If you want a player back, I’m sure you would at least have a few conversations with that player and/or his agent.

  4. O's Fan Says:

    The Orioles’ strategy is working. You don’t need giant contracts every offseason to succeed. Just ask the 2011 Marlins or any other host of teams.

    Saying that not paying Mark Reynolds, a bad hitter and subpar first basemen, the easiest defensive position, 11.5 million dollars doesn’t “add up to building a championship ballclub” makes no sense.

    We’ve come to accept that we’ll have bad teams here, so we just prefer to keep around the crappy players we’ve had. We know we can’t win, so we might as well lose with likable players who we’re used to seeing.

    But that’s not these Orioles, not with Duquette and Showalter. We’re going to lose some players we see as “regulars”, but Mark Reynolds has no place being a “regular” in the hardest division in baseball on a club trying to win. (DF: You must not be following the whole thing very closely. Which is why I wrote the piece — to give you the whole story, so you could understand it more. And you obviously didn’t read the blog, either. The Orioles have said they WANT Mark Reynolds back. Duquette has been quoted saying that. This isn’t a discussion about whether the team wants a “crappy player” back. They’ve said they do. They just think he’s worth about $3 million or so less than he wants. That’s what’s odd about it. If he’s really your guy, why not just cough up 3 million more?)

  5. Robert Says:

    Drew: I think you nailed it when you said the move makes sense if the O’s are trying to pinch dollars; that’s been their M.O. the past decade and a half. Don’t forget that a leopard can’t change it’s spots, hehehe. Cheers.

  6. charlie Says:

    i agree w/drew. i’m pretty pleased about last season, because for me the w-l record trumps almost everything. but i still don’t trust what the warehouse says, and like drew says, there’s something fishy here. maybe it’ll work out w/an upgrade, but i hope it isn’t a return to smoke & mirrors, because this team still needs to win back the trust of die-hards like me.

  7. The Armchair QB Says:

    Maybe they’re taking a page from the Ravens’ book that says, “Right player at right….price”! We’ll learn more about his true value as he tests free agency…….

  8. eric Says:

    Reynolds is worth “3.7” mil a year. That’s what the O’s want to pay him. What’s the problem with that? And the payroll will be 100 mil after all the arbitration cases and a few “BAD” mid level FA signings. (DF: There, fixed that for ya…tell Duquette I said hi tomorrow morning when you fetch his coffee for him.)

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