Steve McNair at Camden Yards

April 18, 2008 |

So being fortunate to stand on the field and watch Steve McNair throw out the first pitch tonight was a pretty cool experience. There was a long line to get an autograph from Steve and he stood there and signed. When Steve was introduced, many of the fans in attendance as well as the players applauded McNair.While Steve was waiting to walk out on the field, Steve watched the video tribute to him that was on the jumbotron and appeared as though he was about to tear up. Steve turned his head a couple of times from watching the video.
While Steve was walking out to the mound, Alex Rodriguez tipped his cap to Steve. After Steve threw out the first pitch, A-Rod walked over to McNair and shook his hand and told him that he enjoyed watching him play. McNair said he was taken back by having an athlete like A-Rod compliment him. The
You can listen to the entire interview after the first pitch in the Toyota LiveWeb audio vault. McNair talks about retirement, baseball, A-Rod, football, and what it was like this morning to wake up and not have to think about football.